Hey everyone!
Gadget-Bot is a company that Robert Simons and I (Peggy Chung ) set up years ago to do concept art for the film, game and commercial industry…BUT before all that, I was a dedicated lurker…occasional poster in this very sketchbook forum. That was back 10 years ago in 2005 if you have any interest in seeing my old work – it can be seen here: Old Sketchbook. Also Robert’s old work can be seen here: Deviant Art. I discovered this forum way back and saw all the great work from the professionals on here and dreamt that maybe one day I could do concept art for games and films. I am happy to say that the dream came true and I now create art and design for games / films. If it weren’t for the spark and encouragement from this forum, I wouldn’t be where I am today…okay enough of the sappy stuff – let’s get to some art!

As I catch up with posting in this sketchbook over the next few days – some previous work can also be seen on the Instagram and Facebook page.

Couple of pieces from Robert Simons:

Spider-Man 2
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Fantastic 4 (2015)
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Ender’s Game
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Couple of pieces from Peggy Chung:

Pacific Rim:
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Compilation of both of our work for Borderlands 2:

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