Bigg Boss Season 9 8th December 2015 Episode watch in HD online on DailyMotion only at DesiRulez. In todays episode of Bigg Boss Season 9 8th December 2015, There will be open nominations tomorrow, the one whom inmate want to nominate, he has to break bottle on his head to nominate him. Rishab says its time to break over-confidence, he nominates Prince. Suyyash says Prince has changed alot, i dont know what is your real side, he nominates Prince. Rochelle says to Mandana that i dont think you are game changer, she nominates Mandana by breaking bottle on her head. Later Prince and Priya have argument, Rochelle says captain herself is deliberately making fun of your rules. Mandana ask who the hell is she? she is just captain, dont try to be oversmart. Wildcard entries will come in house. Kishwar is alone in washroom area, she finds scary painting hanging on wall and sees someone’s face behind her back in mirror, she gets afraid and leaves from there, later she tells this to Mandana and Rochelle that she saw someone lady in washroom. Mandana comes in washroom, lights are switched off to make her afraid, she screams.. What will happen in the next telecast? Find out in 8th December 2015 Bigg Boss Season 9 episode. Join the discussion below with desis from across the globe who love Bigg Boss Season 9! Complete a quick 20 second registration to get started and then comment about the 8th December 2015 episode of Bigg Boss Season 9!

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