Nature Crafts and Cooking for Kids: Beginners Step by Step
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Fun creative projects for kids of all ages, using materials you already have in the house and a few inexpensive items.

If you have ever wanted to be creative with your kids but have never quite got round to it, you're not sure how to start or you're looking for new ideas, then this course provides quick and easy projects with step by step instructions, using materials readily available in the home and a few inexpensive items.

It's all tried and tested with the kids and grandkids so you can be sure these projects work in the real world.

The course is aimed at beginners, but there's something for everyone who loves spending creative time with their children.

What cool things will you get to do?

For starters we show you how to set up your own craft box so you are ready to get crafty on these great projects whenever you have a few minutes.

We've got Leaf Printing and Leaf Art which combine an outdoor treasure hunt with indoor fun.

We'll make a Wiggly Worm Puppet and a very cool Apple Orchard, from recycled paper and card.

We show you how to create Worm Pie Pudding, which tastes so much better than it sounds, and get into proper baking with Wiggly Worm chocolate bread.

And then we'll round it all up with some amazing recycled Plastic Bottle Flowers and Butterfly Suncatchers.

If you love Halloween, there's a bonus lesson which shows you how to make some Scary Spider Hand Puppets.

Whether you have preschoolers or juniors, the projects are easily adapted for different ages or abilities.

You can expect to have tons of creative fun with your kids, producing food to eat, toys to play with and gifts for lucky old Grandma, whose fridge door will never be empty again!

What are the requirements?
– To get the most out of the course you will need some craft materials from a pound shop, dollar store or craft shop and recycled cardboard and plastic bottles.
– Materials that feature in the course include:- plastic table cloth kids apron or pinny poster paints in different colours paper card PVA or Craft Glue craft paint brushes pipe cleaners craft eyes recycled plastic bottles coloured marker pens scissors string basic cooking implements, bowls, baking tray, rolling pin basic cooking ingredients, flour, yeast, cocoa powder, biscuits and pudding mix
– The only other prerequisite is a willingness to give these activities and projects a try and apply your own creativity and enthusiasm.

What am I going to get from this course?
– Over 11 lectures and 51 mins of content!
– Have the tools, skills, knowledge and confidence to explore beginners crafts and cooking with kids of all ages.
– Get up and running fast, with quick and easy projects, using stuff you already have in the house and a few items from a dollar store.
– Generate ideas to make your own craft box of supplies ready to use in a creative project whenever an opportunity arises.
– Enjoy quality time with your kids.
– Have tons of creative fun producing stuff to eat, play with or give away as gifts.

What is the target audience?
– The course is aimed at adult beginners, but intermediate and advanced crafters may find something new.
– The children's age range goes from two upwards and the activities have modifications suggested for different age groups and abilities.



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