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“It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment when I fell for this couple. I remember I loved so much the exchange of looks they shared at the end of NOTA and the hip bumping at EFWI and the awesome chemistry from HM, but I never thought at that time that the writers were planning to get them together. Not even after FTT, it was only after AWITC that I started to ship this couple ‘cause I knew and felt something great was on the way……..I adored Pacey, so seeing him so in love with a girl, inmediately made me want to see them together ‘cause I wanted him to be happy, lol. Secondly, I loved how awesome they were together on screen, Josh and Katie had some serious chemistry, I loved to watch their banter in season one and at the beginning of season 3 becoming friends, watching them falling in love was an amazing experience, I miss the days when I was watching these epis for the first time wondering what would happen with them, it was so incredibly thrilling. I love how alike and different they were at the same time, Joey was the reasonable one, so attached to the rules and Pacey was this crazy guy who always obeyed his heart, they both went from dysfunctional families and knew something about real suffering, they both were sassy in their own way and strong and smart, they were meant to fall for each other. Pacey was the bad boy with a heart of gold, Joey was the feisty girl from the small town, they both were eager to find someone to love and be loved and didn’t have to wait too much. I think they have something I can’t explain, they just warm my heart. Their love story was beautiful, just beautiful. The falling in love process was amazing, what more can I say, that’s why after Promicide my heart was as broken as theirs.”-ILove Josh

“I was one of those who remembers watching the pilot and saying that I hoped that they would hook up. I remember being all disappointed when she didn’t kiss him back in DD……I think I really liked the banter and on a shallow note, look good together.” – hshapir2

“I always wanted PJo together from the very first episode I watched in the first season. I think it was mid-season and I didn’t understand how Pacey and Joey were not the main couple…..I really fell in love with them in the third season. I think it was Four to Tango when I felt differently about them and all my attention fell solely on them.’ – Touldengal

“I think it was somewhere in the middle of season 3. They had this scene where he bought her a wall and my heart went to gush. I had always been a Pacey fan, but that was the moment I became a PJ fan……I loved the idea of them. Pacey is such a broken soul. He is so full of bravado, but deep down he’s an insecure little boy. He needs a woman like Joey. She’s a paradox. She’s both self-confident and shy. She knows what Pacey is. She knows his imperfections, but despite them she still can’t help but love him. He challenges her to think beyond her little box and romantic notions. They fulfill each other in a way that neither of them was prepared to handle. Watching this unfold was the most beautiful thing a viewer could ask for. I couldn’t help, but love them.” – genki

“Well, I watched DC out of order, watching season 5 first. So I really started shipping PJ during season 6. Clean and Sober and Castaways made me fall in love with them. I could just see how much Pacey truly loved this girl. And I loved Pacey, so I wanted him to be happy…….At first it was about Pacey being happy, and then when I went back and saw everything from the beginning I just fell in love with their banter. And then during season three, watching them fall for each other, seeing how in love they really were. I couldn’t help but love them. ” -joshuazgirl128

“I think the second time around when they started reruns on TBS, is when I started giving them a closer look. I think it was 4 to tango is when when I really started to love them……I loved their banter the most, that despite how they couldnt stand each other at first, something much more bigger brought them together.” – True Daisy Lover

“I saw early signs of it in Season 1. I thought “wow, these guys have real chemistry together”, I think it was 1×10 “Double Date” when they spent the whole episode together that I really thought they had the potential to become a really great couple. Then season 2 happened and they had hardly any scenes together, but when season 3 started I was 100% a P/J shipper after their scene together on the bridge in 3×01……The banter. That’s the main reason I fell in love with them: the way they communicated with each other, the fact that they seemed to enjoy the bickering. Yet under the playfulness they showed a soft, caring side towards one another, they were always there for one another which showed that they cared.” – Laura

“I think I really noticed PJ in the “Like a Virgin” episode, I just knew from that moment something might happen, they way Pacey was with Joey and just holding her and comforting her was just very sweet and romantic and yet sad cause they both were in different relationships…….I don’t think there could be a real diffinet reason as to why I started shipping PJ, it’s just something that happened and I’m glad that happened. What I loved about them is the way they both did above and beyond things for each other especially Pacey, he bought her a wall and drove all night to Boston just to pick her up and beat up a bully just for her and they weren’t even dating at the time. And I think Joey taught Pacey how to really love someone, yes he loved Andie, but that was high school love with Joey it was and is a man loves a women type of love.” – Myfirstlove

“I started to fall for PJ in season one, the episode Double Date. It was more wishful thinking back then, but still…..I can’t describe it. Maybe it’s their chemistry. They complement eachother perfectly. Where one lacks the other makes up for it and vice versa. Plus, they have the best banter.” – Ali

This Year’s Love -joshuazgirl128 (specially made for 50th thread)
Lovestoned- Laura
The Scientist -Laura
Colorblind -Laura
Crazy In Love -dorkyxmichie
Don’t Get Me Wrong -Isa
Sergio Dalma : Bailar Pegados -pjfanforever
Only Time -JoshandChristinaCursed
Lady, Lady, Lady -JoshandChristinaCursed
What’s A Soulmate? -Charleesangel
Scratch -genki
9 Crimes -genki
Hungry Eyes-genki
I Would Die For You -genki
Chasing Cars-MoonFlower84
Everlasting -jaddapuss
How Did I Fall In Love With You? -Touldengal
The Relationship-Touldengal
Sweet Kisses -Touldengal
Little Wonders -Touldengal
Girlfriend -86jem86
One Kiss from You -joshuazgirl128
I Will Always Love You -joshuazgirl128
Love Story -joshuazgirl128
Everything I Do (I Do It For You) -joshuazgirl128
Can’t Fight This Feeling -joshuazgirl128

– “I remember everything” from the Anti-Prom
– “Jo, I’m going to kiss you” from Stolen Kisses
– “I think I’m in love with you” from True Love
– All kisses
– When Pacey watches Joey sleep in Weekend in the Country
– Pacey & Joey dancing during the Anti-Prom
– Coming here and hanging out with you guys on the P/J thread
– When Joey said “That’s all you had to say, Pacey”
– TLD Grope-fest
– The first scene of #401
– The “coming back for more” kiss from #401
– The end of True Love
– The end of Cinderella Story! It’s the best!…(Cinderella Story/Neverland episode)
– The Stolen Kisses kisses
– Watching Dawson’s Creek when Pacey and Joey are making out!
– The dock scene at the end of “Like A Virgin”
– In VDM when Pacey almost tells her
– At the end of “True Love” when they sail away together
– When Joey finally kisses him in Stolen Kisses
– All of their nicknames/terms of endearment: Hussy, Mistress, Honey, Sweetie, Pervert, Prude, and so on!
– The banter!
– Dance scenes. No explanation needed. The dancing doesn’t lie. They could power a Kiss reunion tour!
– P/J make-up scenes. So sweet and passionate.
– When she wiped his tears–so loving!
– I love how they can open up and aren’t afraid to express their feelings and insecurities anymore.
– P/J make-OUT scenes. They are the best!
– The way he tugs on her hair when he is kissing her.
– When he cups her face.
– In Coming Home when he kissed her chin and she kissed his nose.
– How she keeps her eyes closed even after the kiss has ended, not wanting it to be over just yet!
– The noises they make when they kiss are great!
– When Pacey said “Okay, you got me.”
– When she had her arms around his knee and he kissed her shoulder.
– When he pressed his face against her hand…awwwww!
= The way they put their heads together, literally. They look so happy and so in love.
– Thoughts of P/J nookie make me very happy! Gutter thoughts are always good mood pills!
– Wet Pacey also makes me extremely happy!
– The dance scene in ‘Four to Tango’
– The end of the scene of ‘Stolen Kisses’
– “I think I’m in love with you”
– “I’m not going anywhere without you”
– “You grabbed my ass! Like you even have one!”
– “Prude/Pervert”
– “I need him…”
– “As long as we do it together”
– “You absolutely wrecked me”
– Pacey: You love me.
– Joey: You bug me.
– “Every part of me loves you.”
– In the end of the pier scene in Coming Home Joey sighs thank you and then Pacey does this gesture like…anything for my girl, he’s too sweet.
– The way they hold their hands when they’re walking together!
– He offers his hand to help Joey up, what a sweetheart that Pacey is, such a gentleman .
– “You were the first person I thought of Pacey” – Joey, Cinderella Story
– He BOUGHT her a WALL!!
– “I don’t want to talk anymore” – ahhh, the beginning of it all
– The way he helped her repaint her mural
– The way Pacey’s always been there for her, for example, in S1 he drove her to see her father in jail – and actually paid 20$ so that she could see him – and in S3 when he went to pick her up in Boston.
– The way Pacey didn’t make Joey choose between him and Dawson, with Pacey taking the high ground in Show Me Love by saying to Joey: “I understand. I do understand. There are no ultimatums here.”
– Stolen Kisses – The Bed Scene!!! Especially when Pacey looked at Joey and almost kissed her elbow…
– In Stolen Kisses- when Joey grabs for his hand and softly says Pacey, he gasps for air because he can’t believe that this is really happening.
– In True Love – Joey says “I know” he needs to catch his breath and then he has this grin…too cute!
– He was willing to do anything that she wanted – Show Me Love – even when it was painful for him. She wanted him to talk to Dawson, which was about the last thing he wanted to do. But, she wanted him to, so he did!
– When he was most heartbroken, he came to her, and she comforted him!
– They have learned to communicate their affection, and mostly their fears.
– They gave up a friendship that was so important to them both, because they couldn’t bear being apart.
– They can’t be together for more than a minute without doing something that lovesick teenagers do….
– Seeing them both in a relationship that is so real and makes them so happy is fulfilling!!!
– In Modern Romance how Pacey peeks in the window when she is changing.
– From Modern Romance how he wanted to make sure he wasn’t making Dawson feel weird by kissing Joey.
– Pacey’s face when Joey asked him to dance in Anti-Prom
– When Pacey was telling the group about the smell that brought him back memories. how he was talking with his hands trying to explain that when he was little he was standing on his tippie toes to smell the snow through the small opening of the window and how Joey smiles at him…awwww
– “She’s actually the kind of pretty that gives you butterflies”
– “Never lose the butterflies.”
– The last scene of “True Love.” When she told him she loved him, who didn’t cry.
– When Pacey told Joey, “I’m the only guy who gets to walk in with Audrey Hepburn on my arm.”
– The last scene between Pacey and Joey in “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” Hearing them say aloud that they loved one another… just beautiful.
– The last scene of “Failing Down”… I loved that she could help him, and he could let her in.
– The last scene of “Coming Home”… for obvious reasons.
– Because they sailed together 3 months
– Because they love each other
– Because he plans to be with Joey
– Because True Love always wins!!
– Because they grew up together
– Because no matter what happens, “Everything is going to be ok!”
– Because they survived a storm
– Because they read aloud to each other
– Because her future lies with him
– Because we love Joey saying “I’ll pray for you, sweetheart.”
– Because her heart has never left Pacey
– Because Joey is the only girl can say Pacey looks Like Caesar!!
– Because he is the perfect boyfriend
– Because you always tease the ones you love
– Because he will look sexy in uniform
– They had a boat called True Love, which described their relationship perfectly.
– Because details are going to define them!
– The way they kiss
– Because they are thinking for 2
– Because you don’t choose the one you love, it chooses you!
– Because you should never lose the butterflies
– Because Joey is not going anywhere without Pacey
– Because Pacey is really sweet with Alexander!
– Because they look amazing together
– Because he doesn’t want to talk anymore
– Because they are creating their own History
– Because they miss the True Love
– Because they are made for each other
– Because they are the Hottest Couple ever!
– The Christmas picture in Self Reliance. That was excellent!
– The way they can’t keep their hands off each other – I’m thinking especially of TLD, but it applies to them all the time really!!
– The heart-melting scenes in season three when Pacey would describe to Dougie or Buzz how much he loved Joey.
– “Okay. She’s so beautiful, that every time you look at her, your knees tremble, your heart just melts, and you know right then and there, without any reservation, that there is order and meaning to the universe.” ~ Pacey
– Joey accepting Pacey’s hand as she jumps down from the car when they are at the hospital waiting for Andie…and then they hold hands as they walk into the building.
– The jail scene in “Valentine’s Day Massacre”
– I loved the kiss in the hallway that was “of a spontaneous nature.”
– “Future Tense” final P/J scene
– When Joey overreacts (with jealousy) when she finds Pacey and Jen in Four to Tango
– When Pacey realizes how beautiful Joey is in Northern Lights
– Because she didn’t ask him to stay, she went forward with him
– The forehead/shoulder/nose/neck kisses
– Because she had never been so scared for anyone in her whole life
– Because he just wanted the world to see her through his eyes
– Because he “put his heart on the line” so she could find closure with Dawson in “Self-Reliance”
– The way they hold each other’s faces and necks when kissing
– Simply the way they look into each other’s eyes
– They are head over heels in Love with each other!
– When Pacey says to Joey “There’s my girl”
– Because he learned to read between the banter
– The way Joey grabs Pacey’s hand in Stolen Kisses
– The over-the-shoulder kiss in Coming Home
– They took the time to really fall in love
– Their loyalty.
– Because Pacey and Joey bring out the best in each other
– The way they both smile when they are together.
– Their commitment.
– Their love!

art by Laura

1. The Anti-Prom – The “I remember everything” dance
2. True Love – Sailing away together
3. A Winter’s Tale – Joey’s declaration to Pacey before having sex
4. Clean and Sober – Pacey kisses Joey on the forehead and I die and go to heaven…
5. Series Finale – PJ together, endgame.

1. The Anti-Prom (season 3). The scene with the jewellery
2. You bought me a wall? Season 3
3. Season 4- A winter’s tale (First time)
4. The kiss in the longest day (to the song day-dream believer)
5. Joey chooses Pacey..running to the boat.

Well, my favourite P/J episode (and fav all-time episode) is 6×15 “Castaways” when they get locked inside that giant supermarket. All the different aspects of the P/J relationship were show in this epi: the banter, the confusion over their feelings for one another, the love.
Fav moments… ( a few of a million hehe – and in no order)
– When Pacey watches Joey sleep by the fireside
– PACEY: “How did it feel?”
JOEY: “It made me feel alive”that whole sequence
– 4×14 “Winter’s Tale” end scene with “10 my love”

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Declaration of love.
Failing Down: You’ve wrecked me
Anti-Prom: I remember Everything
True Love: I think I’m in love with you
Clean and Sober: I never did (get over you)
(i left out the finale)

1. Any and all of Stolen Kisses! That episode just….I love it so much! Watching them both fully admit how they feel about each other. And the kisses were perfection!
2. Castaways! What more could you ask for than a whole epi of PJ! And seeing them reconnect was so precious.
3. End of Winter’s Tale. No explanation necessary.
4. Finale. Seeing them together finally for good! And just the chemistry beyween the two of them through the whole two hours.
5. Toss up between the end of Coming Home and the love declaring in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Both of them show so much love between the two of them!

1. Stolen Kisses. Pacey counting to ten before kissing Joey! *thud*
2. Four to tango. Pacey and Joey having fun dancing together at the Starlight dance Studio. I mean, PJ dancing together, that’s enough, lol. I love when Penny said they were hot for each other! Words of a wise woman
3. Castaways. Joey shaving Pacey, having fun, laughing together, being sweet and adorable and the icing of the cake…leaning on for a dreamy kiss!!!
4. Future Tense. The last PJ scene outside Joey’s house. Amazing moment of love. I love Joey in that episode.
5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. PJ declaring their love to each other after their little fight. Pacey was the perfect man for her!!!

1. 4 to tango
2. Stoken kisses
3. A winter’s tale
4 sex and violence
5 castaways

a. In Stolen Kisses when Joey finally admits her feelings for Pacey and
grabs Pacey’s hands and gets on her tip toes and KISSES HIM
b. In the Longest Day the boat house scene with PJ is just soo HOTT
and romantic, you can just see the love between PJ and the chemistry and how much they real want each other.
c. In the Graduate epi when Pacey asks Joey if he would ever own his
own boat again one day would the women he love come sailing with him and I just love Joey’s reply that he wouldn’t have to ask, it gave us PJers hope that one day these two true lovers would one day be together again.
d. The epi known as Castaways is my number four pic, I don’t have a
particular scene just the whole epi in general, yup its just that good.
e. EVERYTHING in the Series finale as well, not just one great single
moment but the whole two-hour series finale had us PJers doing a dance lol.

the anti-prom
the end of clean and sober
end of AWT
end of True Love
end of Graduate

Fisher – I Will Love You
David Gray – This Year’s Love
Sarah Slean – My Invitation
Mary Beth Maziarz – Daydream Believer
Janis Ian – Days Like These
Dragmatic – If
Vanessa Daou- Juliette
Tuck and Patty-Take my Breath away
Standing Still – Jewel
You and I – Jason Mraz
Can’t fight this feeling anymore – REO Speedwagon
Superman – Five for Fighting
So Close – John McLaughlin
Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
Need to be next you—Leigh Nash
Stolen – Dashboard Confessional
Collide – Howie day
No ordinary love – Sade
Grow old with you – Adam Sander.
I wanna be your light – Heather Nova
Only time – Enya
Lady, Lady, Lady – Joe Esposito
She’s like the wind – Patrick Swayze
Have you really ever loved a woman – Brian Adams
I turn to you – Christina Aguilera
Can’t help falling in love with you – Elvis Presley
A love so beautiful – Michael Bolton
You light up my life – Debbie Boone
Almost paradise – Ann Wilson & Mike Reno
She – Elvis Costello
Will you still love me tomorrow – Shirelles
Happy together – The Turtles
It Might Be You – Stephen Bishop
Lovestoned – Justin Timberlake
Hate That I Love You – Rihanna and Neyo
Love – Matt White
She Is – The Fray
Inconsoleble – BSB
U drive me crazy – Nsync
Love Story – Katherine McPhee
One Kiss From You – Britney Spears
I Think I’m In Love With You – Jessica Simpson
Come Down To Me – Saving Jane
I’ll Make Love To You – BoyzToMen
You Found Me – Kelly Clarkson
Someone Like You – NSync

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