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TJ Thyne

“I was so ecstatic finding out I got this role.” (On landing his role on Bones)

“Jack has so much going on, so many layers, it’s an actor’s dream role… this actor’s, at least!”

“Hodgins loves getting knee-deep in a swamp or going headfirst into a pile of garbage. In real life, I would stay as far away from a melting corpse as possible.”

“His occupation alone seems to suggest “dork” but I don’t think he is. Jack’s a real guy who happens to be a brilliant scientist.”


Stop (short)…Man…2011
Bones (TV series)…Dr. Jack Hodgins…2005-2012
The Finder (TV series)…Dr. Jack Hodgins…2012
Shuffle…Lovell Milo…2011
The Pardon…Father Richard…2011
…and many more at imdb.com

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Jack Hodgins

“Dr John Stanley Hodgins, better known as Jack, is the Jeffersonian’s self titled “bug and slime guy”

“The government keeps secret black illegal files on every US citizen. It’s called “Spring Cleaning.” Because everything is brought out into the light and turned upside down.”

“Is he trying to piss me off?”

“Yeah, what’s break time at the FBI, book burning?”

“I hate to say conspiracy, but, my peeps, we’ve got a conspiracy.”

“I’m nuts about Angela. Over the moon. Stupid in love with her. “

“I clicked on a pop-up and got caught in a pornado.”

“I am not a party trick!”

“Have I ever told you how good you smell? And-uh-and how soft your skin is, and how every time you take my hand, I feel your whole life vibrating with mine.”

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