Due to the sudden demise of Keith Sequeria’s brother, he had to exit midway from the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 9’.

The revelation about model-turned-actor Keith Sequeria’s exit from the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble’ has left the viewers in shock. As we had earlier reported, the exit was not due to elimination, but a family emergency . Even the housemates were worried about Keith’s sudden exit as Bigg Boss didn’t disclose the exact reason inside the house.

Confirming the same, Keith’s official twitter account posted: “In light of the untimely passing of Keith’s younger brother, the Sequeria family requests everyone to grant them privacy to mourn for their extreme loss. Ian Sequeria was a beacon of light in their lives and was deeply loved by his family and friends. The Sequeria family graciously accepts all condolences in these testing times.”

The 35-year-old Keith was one of the strongest contenders on the show. With his exit from the show, Keith will certainly be missed on the show. Here are the 7 reasons, why we will really miss him on the show..

1. Keith was the only person in the house, who could understand the tasks properly and finish it.

2. His conduct in the house was appreciable. He respected all the contestants in the house and provided immense support to the right person whenever required. He dealt with the issues with practicality approach and had a mind of his own, not getting influenced by other contestants.

3. His relationship with beau Rochelle Maria Rao was an ideal one. We will definitely miss the cute moments of the couple on the show!

4. Keith garnered positive reviews not only, from the housemates and the viewers, but also from the host Salman Khan, who appreciated him for his good conduct in the house.

5. He was one of the strongest contenders on the show, who didn’t hesitate in voicing his opinion wherever required and had the potential to survive till the finale.

6). He gave his 100 per cent to everything he did. Be it, his passion or his commitment during a task. Over all, he has been a balanced contestant.

7) He knew his job well. He didn’t shy away from entertaining the audience, and took all the tasks sportingly.

We pray the almighty gives Keith and his family the strength to bear this loss.