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56 Books About The North American Indians
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Aleshire Peter – Cochise_The life and times of the great Apache chief
Banner, Stuart – How Indians Lost Their Land
Barrett, Carole A. (ed.) – American Indian History (vol. 1&2)
Benjamin, Drake – Black Hawk_The Great Indian Chief of the West
Biolsi Thomas (ed) – A Companion to the Anthropology of American Indians
Brink, Jack – Imagining Head Smashed In_Aboriginal Buffalo Hunting on the Northern Plains
Burns, Louis F. – A history of the Osage people
Encyclopedia of American Indian Contributions to the World – Keoke, Emory Dean
Encyclopedia of American Indian history (vol.1-4) – Johansen, Bruce E. & Barry M. Pritzker (ed)
Encyclopedia of American Indian Wars 1492-1890
Encyclopedia of Native American Healing – ABC-Clio Inc – 1996
Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes, 3rd Ed – Waldman, Carl
Encyclopedia of Native American wars and warfare – Kessel, William B. II. Wooster, Robert (ed)
Encyclopedia of North American Indians (html pages) – Hoxie, Frederick E.
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians – Wishard, David J.
Encyclopedia of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) – Bruce Elliott Johansen and Barbara Alice Mann
Erdoes, Richard & Ortiz Alfonso (ed) – American Indian Myths and Legends
Farb, Peter – Die Indianer
Fixico, Donald L. (ed) – Treaties with American Indians_An encyclopedia of rights, conflicts, and sovereignty
Greene, Candace S. – One Hundred Summers_A Kiowa Calendar Record
HERITAGE – Barbara Graymont – The Iroquois
HERITAGE – Jesse O. McKee – The Choctaw
HERITAGE – Loretta Fowler – The Arapaho
HERITAGE – Michael E.Melody – The Apache
HERITAGE – Nancy Bonvillain – The Hopi
HERITAGE – Nancy Bonvillain – The Mohawk
HERITAGE – Nancy Bonvillain – The Teton Sioux
HERITAGE – Nancy Bonvillain – The Zuni
HERITAGE – Peter Iverson – The Navajo
HERITAGE – Stan Hoig – The Cheyenne
HERITAGE – Theda Perdue – The Cherokees
HERITAGE – Theresa Jensen Lac – The Pawnee
HERITAGE – Willard Hughes Rollings – The Comanche
Hightower-Langston Donna – The Native American world
Irwin Lee – The Dream Seekers_Native American Visionary Traditions of the Great Plains
Jastrzembski, Joseph C. – The Apache
Jennifer Denetdale – The Long Walk_The forced Navajo exile
Johnston, Basil – The Manitous_Spiritual World of the Ojibway
Lambert Valerie – The Choctaw Nation
Langer, Howard J. (ed) – American Indian quotations
Langley Charles – Meeting the medicine men_An Englishman’s travels among the Navajo
Lankford, George E. – Reachable Stars_Patterns in the Ethnoastronomy of Eastern North America
Mann, Barbara Alice – Daughters of mother earth_The wisdom of Native American women
Niethammer, Carol – Daughters of the earth_The Lives and Legends of the American Indian Women
Powers W. – Sacred Language_The Nature of Supernatural Discourse in Lakota Civilization (html pages)
Schweikart, Larry & Bradley J. Birzer – The American West
Smoak, Gregory – Ghost Dances and Identity
Steltenkamp, Michael F – Black Elk_Holy Man of the Oglala (html pages)
Stout, Mary A. – Geronimo_A biography
Sullivan, Lawrence Eugene – Native religions and cultures of North America_Anthropology of the sacred
Ulrich van der Heyden – Indianer-Lexikon
Waldman, Carl – Atlas of the North American Indian
Waters F. – The Book of the Hopi
Yellowtail, Crow Medicine Man and Sun Dance Chief_An Autobiography (html pages)
Young, William – Quest for harmony_Native American spiritual traditions

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