Daniel Newman, Olivier Blanchard, “The Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Program Management”
English | ISBN: 1943275734 | 2015 | EPUB | 186 pages | 3,2 MB

To understand an object or concept, you must identify and value the sum of its parts. Most business managers fail to truly understand digital strategies. They focus instead on outcomes… what they want the business to get from digital efforts, then they make educated guesses about the best way to accomplish those outcomes. The problem is that they never stop to create the business basis for their digital strategy. They understand the what and how, but they don't stop long enough to understand the why. Not understanding the foundation for your digital program can cost your company time, resources, efforts, and money. But, don't worry, can help. helps you identify and learn the value of each component of your digital strategy. To do this, the guide takes you through 10 steps in creating an effective digital program, focused on your business's goals and objectives. The guide also gives you plenty of customizable signposts in the form of 100 tips and case studies along the way. is not a book you'll read once, then put on a shelf. The guide will serve as a reference book for all of your digital efforts and direct you to online success.

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