Titel: King Arthur Collection
Genre: Strategy
Sprache/n (Audio): Englisch
Text: Englisch; Format: .exe

Text only: Deutsch (Fallen Champions)

In King Arthur Collection, you’ll fulfill your royal destiny and take your rightful place as the king of magic and myth. You’ll lead an army of heroes and save the land from an onslaught of legendary warriors and monsters. Spectacular fights and thousands of combatants at one may just melt your eyes off with the bloody sights of medieval carnage – while a turn-based tactical overworld will allow you to take a breather and plan your next attack. Everything you do will determine whether the King Arthur of your time is a benevolent leader, or a mighty tyrant. Choose your skills, choose your people, choose your destiny.
The King Arthur Collection features:
– Standalone Fallen Champions Expansion
– The Saxons DLC
– The Druids DLC
– Knights and Vassals DLC
– Legendary Artifacts DLC



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