Re:Vision Effects Bundle (x64) 2015 | 230,3 Mb

Re:vision effects pack 13 the latest versions of plug-ins from Re:vision effects designed for video processing & create different effects. The set contains: de:flicker, de:noise, FieldsKit, PV feather, Re:fill, re:Flex, Re:map, Re:VisionFX ReelSmart motion blur, Re:match, shade/shape, SmoothKit, Twixtor, Twixtor for ofx video Gogh.More:

* Re:VisionFX de:Flicker V1.4.3 plugin for after effects, designed for smoothing annoying flicker & artifacts when shooting high frame rate or timelapse video.

* Re:VisionFX de:noise v3.1.1 & re:VisionFX de:noise v3 ofx for.0.3 a plug-in for after effects software & premiere Pro, which is designed to easily remove noise from Your videos. Eliminates noises such as digital caused by insufficient lighting, graininess (graininess) caused by the artifacts of ray tracing (ray tracing) rendering, as well as fingerprints & dust captured during scanning, & many other types of noise.

* Re:vision FX PV feather plug-in for after effects, designed to work with masks, offers better regulation of the angle cut into After effects for quite a short time. PV feather starts regulating when using the internal mask for filling, & the outer mask to control the cut. The distance between the inner & outer mask controls the amount of cutoff. PV feather uses built-in mask splines, AE, so there is no need to learn a new spline interface.

* Re:VisionFX ReelSmart motion blur V5 for the version with AVX.0.2, Re:VisionFX ReelSmart motion blur V5 to ofx format.2.1, Re:VisionFX ReelSmart blur V5.1.3 plug-in with very accurate control of the filtering process to obtain high-quality images, automatically tracks each point in the video series, allows to control the process tracking pixels, which reduces the percentage of incorrect lubrication images during their imposition.

* Re:VisionFX RE:fill v2.2 the plugin is designed to restore the missing pixels in video & dynamic images, offering several ways to edit by moving the nearest “good” pixel, speculars, copying from another area, etc. RE:fill can help professionally to hide the flaws of any image.

* Re:VisionFX re:Flex V5.2.1 set of plug-ins for after effects, which consists of three modules designed to morph, create visual effects of transformation & distortion in video images. Supports automatic & manual transformation uses the tools of rotoscoping (drawing & overlay masks for multi-layered composition without the use of nodal points) from the main program.

* Re:VisionFX re:map v2.3 a set of five plug-ins designed to manipulate the grid location UV-coordinates, overlay alignment & caricature distortion, animation, changing labels the video image. Includes a set of ready-made animated texture maps.

* Re:VisionFX Re:match for Sony Vegas V1.3.3, Re:VisionFX Re:match V1.4.3 offers a completely new solution to the problems associated with color & texture with Multicam & stereo photography. Re:match is a set of plug-ins for after effects, premiere Pro & Sony Vegas, designed to create conformity to one view of video or film to another, as if it was shot with the same camera with the same settings. Re:the match is that both image sequences are taken roughly at the same place, but may not have been filmed at the same time & from the same point of view.

* Re:VisionFX shade-form B4.2.1 a plugin for converting planar objects in 3D-model, giving images scope & depth, using technology shading-from-shape, designed Re:vision.

* Re:VisionFX SmoothKit V3.3 is a set of special plugins that serve for elimination of defects with video & dynamic image by blurring & smoothing their structure, as well as by setting parameters & application of various additional effects. Special filters with high precision, will allow you to fix all the flaws of video images without loss of quality. Remove the extra str& of hair from his forehead, a spot of light or a mole? There is nothing easier!

* Re:VisionFX Twixtor for V6.2.2, Re:VisionFX Twixtor for ofx V6.2.3 plugin for after effects & premiere Pro, designed to synchronize (deceleration, acceleration) & frequency change video frames with minimal losses. Transformation frames with Twixtor can significantly improve image quality.

The patented technology is Re:vision automatically calculates the motion vectors of each pixel on the tracking points, allowing easily synthesize new frames, transforming & interpolating the original video series. In case of problems with automatic detection the user can manually tell the program trajectory.

* Re:VisionFX video Gogh v3.7 AE plug ins for programs after effects, final cut, combustion & fusion, which allows you to overlay on the video effect of painted images. Video Gogh has flexible settings & allows you to manage the size of brushes, apply effects selectively change the transparency of brushes, as well as the distance between strokes. Video Gogh offers a choice of three styles of painting (oil paint, watercolor & chalk) & allows you to apply different styles to different layers. Sizes of brushes & opacity can be animated.

* Adobe after effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC CC 2014 & 2015
* Adobe premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC CC 2014 & 2015
* Media Composer 6.0 & up, 64-bit
* Symphony 6.0 & up, 64-bit
* NewsCutter 10.0 & up, 64-bit
* Fusion V7, build 1420 & above. 64-bit
* Final cut Pro FCP 7, FCP x 10.0.8 & up.
* Vegas Pro 10,0 d & above. 64-bit
* Movie Studio 11.0 & up. 64-bit
* HitFilm 3.0.0576 & above.
* Natron V1 & above. 64-bit

Whats new:
* DEFlicker V1.4.3
* Denoise v3.1.1
* Denoise v3 ofx for.0.3
* ReelSmart motion blur version V5 ofx format.2.1
* ReelSmart blur V5.1.3
* Revenge for Vegas V1.3.3
* Revenge V1.4.3
* Twixtor for ofx V6.2.2
* Twixtor for V6.2.3

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