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NetNewsWire is considered one of the best RSS reader for -Mac OSX. The developers really tried and NetNewsWire is very stable and fast. The program interface is the default, the interface is very similar to a standard e-mail program -Mac OSX Mail. On the right side flows, which can be ogranizovat through a system of folders on the left above – the headlines, and in the lower left window open disclosure.There are other ways to display, for example, news can be displayed in the form of tape, making her look like a band of friends in Livejournal and interface of Google Reader (this is useful when you want to quickly scan a large amount of information), and the three columns can be arranged one behind the other, which is particularly useful for large-format monitors.

The list of possibilities is quite long NetNewsWire:
NetNewsWire automatically learns what news you read and notifies you when the latest news, allowing you to spend more time reading the news, and less – on useless Web surfing.
The panel shows a column header for the date, the name of the creator and when this information is available.
Provides the ability to combined type in which the news headline and text are in the same window, and the text can be viewed by clicking on the triangle.
In addition, you can add NetNewsWire any news site that supports RSS, the program has been going on with hundreds of ready-to-connect sites.
Imports and exports subscription sites compatible with other programs for reading RSS.
The Sign the website (Subscribe) RSS-supported search for a resource and can often find it by entering the home page.
The sign in NetNewsWire in the Tools menu allows you to sign the sites directly from your web browser.
Subscription websites can be grouped using a simple drag and drop (drag-and-drop), and you can arrange them as you see fit.
Appearance of the program easily configurable, and you can adjust the color of titles for themselves and transparency of the windows.
Team Search (Find) allow you to search for words to current news.
Another handy feature: the program icon in the Dock shows the number of unread news. The same method is used in the program Mail. Also, an icon in the Dock will allow you to View unread headlines, Mark all as read, Open URL and Unsubscribe from the site.
NetNewsWire AppleScript support, and has a menu Scripts (Scripts), where you can add your own scripts

Whats new in Version 4.0.2:
This addresses a crash caused by an aggressive security check in the previous build.
Fixed an issue with the Open in Browser keyboard shortcut for some sites.
Fixed an issue where the Sort Articles menu options might be incorrectly grayed out.
Fixed an issue with two-digit dates in the Today icon on OS X El Capitan.
Brought handling of line breaks in line with NetNewsWire iOS.

OS -Mac OSX 10.8 or Later

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