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Digital Photographer’s Guide to Natural -Light Family Portraits
Publisher: Amherst Media, Inc., 2011 | ISBN: 160895286X | 126pages | PDF | 17.7MB

Detailing all the skills photographers need to successfully create natural-light family portraits, this handbook covers all aspects of the process, from attracting clients and planning the session to posing small families or large groups. Techniques for working outdoors, at the familyâ?Ts home, or in a natural-light studio setting are included along with detailed information on post-production, album design, and marketing techniques for attracting clients. Advanced amateur and professional photographers will learn how to create a picture-perfect rendering by manipulating ever-changing and difficult-to-predict outdoor lighting and cultivating a cohesive look through harmonious poses, expressions, and clothing. This unique handbook is essential for family photographers looking to engage the family and bring out their subjectsâ?T interpersonal relationships and individual personalities.

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