CM - The Epic Designer Watercolor Kit - 346468

CM – The Epic Designer Watercolor Kit – 346468


201 Unique Watercolor Textures, saved as PNG images in 300 DPI. They are all unique in shapes, sizes & colors. You can preview them all by clicking on the listing images & scrolling all the way down.

14 Layered & Categorized PSD Files. These contain organized collections of the blue, pink, yellow, purple, neutral, and full pages of watercolor textures & splotches for easy use in Photoshop. However, since each graphic is also saved as a PNG, non Photoshop users can enjoy using them in other programs as well. There are two PSD files per folder, one with the layers saved in RGB and one in CYMK. One less step for you! 🙂

BONUS: Included are 8 Awesome Watercolor Papers. 4 of them are Seamless Tiling Pages, and 4 of them are Full Page Backgrounds. Also, as an extra bonus, my Ink Texture Collection (found here: ) is also included in this set.

227 files all together. This bundle of watercolor epicness is WAY too big for Creative Market to host, and it would have broken my heart to downsize it, so the download from Creative Market will include a link to my self hosted download folder. This file is seriously HUMONGOUS, so please be patient while it downloads. If you have any questions let me know. 🙂