The &TV show, Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls (Cinevistaas Ltd) is witnessing some major drama with Aseem (Waseem Mushtaq) trying to kill Dylan (Aamir Ali).

Well, we have already reported of Mr. Shekhawat (Vikram Sahu) taking the bullet and being rushed to hospital.

Now here we are, reporting about the next drama to unfold.

The wedding of Dylan and Dabbu (Sukirti Kandpal) will now happen in the coming episodes after an emotional sequence between Dylan and his father in hospital, where the latter will ask him to go on with the wedding without postponing it.

Post the wedding will come the major drama. Dylan’s mother will meet with an accident where her car will collide against a car which has a couple and their teenager daughter. And in the most unfortunate way, the couple will die leaving behind their daughter to live the life of an orphan.

As per sources, the coming track will see the noble Dylan accepting to be the guardian in the girl’s life and bringing her home. On the other hand, LN Thakur (Anang Desai) will refuse to help out Dylan’s mother from the accident mess, as he will feel her car caused the accident that resulted in two deaths.

How will all these developments affect the life of the newlyweds, Dylan and Dabbu?

We tried calling Aamir Ali and Sukirti but did not get through to them.