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opening by: Chastainღ (Ana)

Hotch: You did exceptional work, last couple of days.
JJ: Thank you. It’s nice to be noticed.

© RJHouse

JJ: This may be a wild goose chase.
Hotch: But as someone I greatly respect suggested,
63 people may be in trouble, and I think that that’s worth the chase.

001. Because it’s never perfect.
002. Because JJ brings out Hotchner’s softer side.
003. Because he thought everyone wanted to be a profiler – and she’s sorry ; )
004. Because he thinks she would make a great profiler.
005. Because he knows how much she has to deal with.
006. Because he cares.
007. Because they truly respect each other.
008. Because we want them to be imperfect – together.
009. Because it’s hard for him to say no to her.
010. Because she’s someone he greatly respects.
011. Because he doesn’t take her for granted.
012. Because her coming back from maternity leave gave him a reason to smile.
013. Because she doesn’t know how to do this…and he gives her a reason to keep going.
014. Because ‘Thank you. It’s nice to be noticed.’

Because we love the way they look at each other.
Because when he needs her, she is always there for him.
Because season 7 will explore their relationship.
Because Hotch is the only one who knows about her sister.
Because Hotch took all the blame to protect JJ.
Because Hotch, JJ, Henry and Jack would make the perfect family.
Because the BAU is where it all began for Hotch and JJ.
Because Hotch has a ‘type’.
Because they are the “Mom” and “Dad” of the Team!
Because they are each other’s pillar (of support)! (by JJandHotchforever96)
Because we want them to be imperfect – together! (by RJHouse)
Because one day he’ll remember, and it won’t hurt… and she’ll make him happy. (by RJHouse)
Because good things seem to happen when JJ wears purple! (by smoothcriminal)
Because JJ and Hotch make it hard for our minds to stay out of the gutter! (by smoothcriminal)
Because one day he’ll be happy again and she’ll be the reason for it! (by smoothcriminal)
Because he just can’t say ‘no’ to her! (by smoothcriminal)
Because TG and AJ are the dynamic duo, they can’t be replaced with any other actor. (by Kiane)
Because they’re sexy and they know it! (by Kiane)
Because when all is said and done, JJ is the one Hotch will always turn to. (by Syd)
Because eye-sex never looked so good. (by Syd)

“JJ, what are we going to do without you
when you go on maternity leave?”

♥ videos
[x] Empty, by babyfirefly666
[x] Don’t Wait, by Jorajho
[x] Counting Stars by Jorajho
[x] Halo, by HermionePeace
[x] Breathe, by Dimpnaify
[x] Too Late, by Dimpnaify
[x] running up that hill, by Xxnumber27xX
[x] So Close, by EsztyFan
[x] Forgiveness, by yumalatar
[x] Come to me, by yumalatar
[x] Too Late, by yumalatar
[x] Lovers Dream, by yumalatar
[x] JJ’s Videotape, by RJHouse

© RJHouse

♥ links
We’re Not Really Like That by NellyLush
Untitled Halloween Jotch Fic by smoothcriminal

Never perfect, the Hotch/JJ Fanmix

Hotch: That’s the job. It’s never perfect. It’s still better to care.
JJ: You really believe that?
Hotch: I believe it’s never perfect.

Perfectly Imperfect, the JJ/Hotch Community @ Livejournal
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the parents ♥

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01. Because it’s never perfect.
02. Because he would gladly be her baby’s daddy.
03. Because he doesn’t take her for granted.
04. Because it’s nice to be noticed – and he always notices her.
05. “You’re smiling.” <333
06. Because they always find a way to stay close to each other. ♥
07. Because we would love for them to become a canon couple!
08. Because she brings comfort and understanding to him, like nobody else can.
09. Because they both make sunglasses look so hot, they should come with a Flame warning.
10. Because we would love her to be the next Mrs. Hotchner.
11. It’s one of those cliff-hangers where you’re like, “What? Why isn’t she talking to Hotch?” ~ A.J Cook
12. Because we loved the look in his eyes when he said, “Her.”
13. Because they share a bond that he doesn’t share with anyone else.
14. Because “they have the most in common as working parents. It’s unspoken but strong.” ~ Erica Messer
15. Because “they’ve grown closer in the past few seasons and that will continue.” ~ Erica Messer
16. Because he said he would get her back and he found a way to do it.
17. Because “There is a relationship there that we think is worth exploring.” ~ Erica Messer
18. Because we’ll settle for eye!sex until we get the real thing (bom chicka wah wah!)
19. Because a play-date between Hotch, JJ, Jack and Henry is not too much to ask for!
20. Because JJ is the Robin to Hotch’s Batman and they make one helluva team!
Because we’re hoping for more Jotch moments in Season 9!

Hotch: You’re gonna be much better off than any of us,
you know that? I’ll miss you.