off topic thread

➟ the regulars;:star: Whitney – Fair_Verona | 19th March
:star: Sarah – Beyond Insane | 2nd February
:star: Lauren – smoakin queen | 14th February
:star: Jade – sourburst | 22nd March
:star: Ann – Shadowhunter | 1st December
:star: Sara – like a perfect storm | 9th May
:star: Jules – fire for a heart | 30th August

➟ pandemonium favourites;Lauren’s Favourite’s;
Sydney Sage, Klaus, TID, Outlander, Teen Wolf,
Game of Thrones, Divergent, OUAT,
Arrow, Unicorns, Htgawm.Vampire Academy.

Jade’s Favourite’s;
Divergent, Game of Thrones, Reign,
OUAT, Harry Potter, Red Queen, Disney,
TMI, TMR, Outlander, Hunger Games.

Whitney’s Favourite’s;
Sci-fi, Gone with the Wind, The Beatles,
Star Wars, TMI, TID, Vintage, Romeo and Juliet,
Vampire Academy, Disney, Harry Potter.

Sarah’s Favourite’s;
Battlestar Galactica, Cassandra Clara, Castle,
Richelle Mead, Karen Marie Moning, TVD,
The Originals, X- Men, Arrow, Olicity.

Sara’s Favourite’s;
One Life To Live, The Secret Circle, Taylor Swift,
Music, The Vampire Academy, Divergent,
Chicago PD, Elena, Delena, Teen Wolf.

Ann’s Favourite’s;
EXO, Infinite, The Mortal Instruments,
Hunger Games, Anime, Vampire Academy,
Divergent, Kpop, B1A4, SHINee.

Jule’s Favourite’s;
TMI, Hush Hush, Teen Wolf, OUAT
Demi Lovato, OTH, Shelley Hennig, Frozen,
Patch Cipriano, Felicty Smoak, One Direction.

➟ most awaited 2015