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In the Season 5 aftermath, Jennifer Morrison has said, Emma aka the new Dark One “is going to face the darkness in herself… instead of repressing it.”

Spoilers & Speculations

Season Premiere:  

Two themes for first half of Season 5: “Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be, and…love is a dangerous weapon.”

Welcome to Storybrooke, Maine, a small town that probably won’t show up on your GPS, but it’s a magical place to visit. Reality and myth merged after Emma broke Regina’s curse, which had deprived the fairy tale characters of their memories and trapped them in our modern world. When they finally regained their identities, our heroes were dismayed to discover that they weren’t transported back to Fairy Tale Land. To make matters worse, Rumplestiltskin – aka Mr. Gold – decided to escalate his power struggle with Regina by introducing magic into the town. But this is our world, and magic always has a tendency to yield unfathomable consequences.

“Once Upon a Time” returns to the ABC Television Network for its fifth season and master storytellers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (“Lost,” “Tron: Legacy”) invite everyone to join Emma Swan, Snow White, Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, Hook and all the other resident fairytale characters as they cope with Emma’s new role as The Dark One and begin the search for Merlin. This is a journey that will take our heroes from the Enchanted Forest to Camelot and along the way bring many surprises, including encounters with a brave and headstrong Scottish princess named Merida.

As the season continues, new fairy tale characters will be revealed and old acquaintances will be revisited. Not everyone can be trusted but one thing remains true — you never give up on the people you love…

“Once Upon a Time” stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood, Rebecca Mader as Wicked Witch/Zelena and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are creators and executive producers. Steve Pearlman, David H. Goodman and Andrew Chambliss are also executive producers. The series is produced by ABC Studios.
Once Upon A Time – Season 5 – Synopsis

Here were 12 other teases offered up at the D23 panel:

Kitsis has two dread-inducing themes for the first half of Season 5: Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be, and the other is love is a very dangerous weapon.” Commence mental dun-dun-duning.

Henry will regret breaking the Author’s quill. “There will be events in the premiere that will make him wish he could just rewrite things,” Kitsis says. Horowitz adds, “Maybe he was a little hasty. We’ll see pretty quickly.”

Emma as the Dark One will differ from Rumpelstiltskin. “Being the Dark One, it’s sort of a magnifying glass on who you are but then kind of twisting it a little bit,” Horowitz says. Kitsis continues, “Having the dagger and the power that comes with it tricks you into believing there’s a freedom to lose your fears. … She has her own take on being the Dark One.”

Emma as the Dark One will directly affect Snow White. “The darker Emma goes, the more to Snow/Mary Margaret she is herself a failure,” Goodwin says. “Those realizations will make things grayer and grayer to her.” Dallas says of Charming, “He’s going to try to get his daughter back to the light.”

Regina feels “responsible” for saving Emma, and it upsets her. “I don’t think anyone has ever made a sacrifice like that for Regina,” Parrilla says. Kitsis continues, “It’s not what she wants to do. She hates owing people things. Now she feels like she really has to band together with everyone to save Emma.”

None of the main characters can agree on how to fix the Dark Swan problem. They all want to save Emma, but they all have a different opinion about it. Hook and Regina have different ideas, Snow White and Charming have different ideas: “There’s some friction,” Horowitz says.

A bunch of main characters and a handful of not-so-main ones are heading to Camelot. “We are going to have our heroes. We’re going to see [Snow and Regina]. We are going to see our core characters on the voyage, plus a few people who don’t get to go on the adventures,” Kitsis says.

Parrilla says “Camelot clothes” are “something to look forward to.”

Camelot exists concurrently with our world. “It’s Enchanted Forest adjacent,” Horowitz says. It has its own past and present timelines.

There’s going to be a Charming and Arthur bromance. Goodwin teases it’s true in real life too. Dallas offers that their friendship could “light a fire” under Charming that reinvigorates his defining characteristics.

The Wicked Witch remains evil. “She lives up to her name this season,” Horowitz says. “Her and her sister [Regina] get into it a little bit.”

A lot of exciting Disney characters may be showing up, maybe. Playing a game of “Yes/No/Maybe,” Kitsis and Horowitz offered “maybe”s to: Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, Ariel, Balefire, Ursula, Cora. So, fingers crossed.

Then there was this interesting concept art shown of the bell jar and magical rose from “Beauty and the Beast.” The photo says it’s taken from the Season 5 premiere.

The synopsis for Season 5 reads: “‘Once Upon a Time’s’ savior has gone dark! As Emma Swan transitions into her role as the Dark One, join the resident fairy tale characters as they cope with Emma’s new role and begin the search for Merlin. This is a journey that will take our heroes from the Enchanted Forest to Camelot and along the way bring many surprises, including Merida from ‘Brave,’ as ‘Once Upon a Time’ introduces its first Pixar character.”


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Next Episode TV Promo

5.01 Promo #2 | “The Dark Swan” | Season 5

5.01 Promo | “The Dark Swan”

“Exciting New Chapter” Promo | Season 5

Season 5 | “Good Becomes Evil” Promo

Season 5 | SDCC 2015

Sneak Peeks

Sneak peek 1 | Season 5 Premiere | D23 Expo

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Upcoming Episodes

• •

“Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration” Airs Sunday, September 27


The Special Features Cast Interviews, Super-fan Questions and Exclusive Insights from
Executive Producers Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz

ABC invites new and loyal “Once Upon a Time” fans to celebrate the magical fifth season premiere with an in-depth look at the series in the unique special, “Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration,” which will explore what will happen next as Emma Swan becomes the Dark One and will highlight the characters fans love, including the incredible stories that have created an extraordinarily passionate fan base. Cast members will answer fan-submitted questions and discuss favorite moments as voted on by fans, giving viewers an authentic perspective as they dish on various characters, relationships and backstories. The special also features interviews with executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz with exclusive insights about the season fans won’t want to miss. “Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration” airs SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (7:00-8:00p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Once Upon a Time” stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood, Rebecca Mader as the Wicked Witch/Zelena and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

• •

5.01 – “The Dark Swan” written by Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis | Airdate: September 27, 2015 @8 pm EST



Amy Manson Guest Stars as Merida and Liam Garrigan Guest Stars as King Arthur

“The Dark Swan” – Immediately after becoming the Dark One, Emma disappears and the heroes must band together to save her, but first they have to find her, which will require the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Emma struggles to resist her dark urges as she searches for Merlin in the hope that he can stop her transformation. Along the way to Camelot, she gets help from the plucky and brave warrior princess Merida, as well as King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, in the adventure-filled season five premiere of “Once Upon a Time,” SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Once Upon a Time” stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood, Rebecca Mader as the Wicked Witch/Zelena and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

Guest stars include Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy, Beverley Elliott as Granny, Amy Manson as Merida, Keegan Connor Tracy as the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior, David-Paul Grove as Doc, Gabe Khouth as Sneezy, Faustino Di Bauda as Sleepy, Jeffrey Kaiser as Dopey, Michael Coleman as Happy, Mig Macario as Bashful, Sinqua Walls as Lancelot, Raphael Alejandro as Roland, Timothy Webber as the Apprentice, Ingrid Torrance as Severe Nurse, Liam Garrigan as King Arthur, Andrew Jenkins as Sir Percival, Lee Majdoub as Sir Kay, Brent Stait as the Peddler, Elliot Knight as the Usher and Mckenna Grace as Young Emma.

“The Dark Swan” was written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and directed by Ron Underwood. x

B. Hales: “You’re going to feel all the feels.”

The season opener, not unexpectedly, will pick up right where the finale left off, with Emma having vanished after taunting the disembodied Darkness with the Dark One’s dagger. Where exactly the Savior was transported to, however, thus far remains a closely guarded secret. – TVLine

Adam tweeted pic of the yellow bug: July 8, 2015

Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle & surprise guest filming Enchanted Forest scene | x ~ July 8

Granny Lucas (Beverley Elliott) filming | x, Zelena (Rebecca Mader) filming | x, The Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) filming | x ~ July 9

Hook & Zelena filmed a scene late Friday | x ~ July 10, 2015

Merida will appear in first episode | x ~ July 11

Merida (Amy Manson), Rumple as the Dark One, Hook, Charming, Snow, Henry, Regina, Robin and Emma as Dark Swan spotted on set | x ~ July 13, 2015

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Princess Merida from Brave (Amy Manson) at Stonehenge Set in Robert Burnaby Park

Emma, Hook, Regina, Henry, Robin, Snow, Charming, Belle, Zelena, Dwarves, Grany filmd scene with King Arthur & knights on horses | x Scene summary: so basically what happened was King Arthur led zelena belle Regina Emma hook Roland Henry the dwarves granny charming and snow across a bridge with a bunch of knights on horses hook and Emma walk arm in arm Regina Robin (well stunt double Robin Sean wasn’t there) Roland and Henry walk together and zelena and belle walk together belle is holding some white jug and then charming snow and Neal walk together and hen granny and the dwarves |x ~July 14, 2015

Beer Garden in Stoprybrooke? | x ~ constructed July 16 for Jul;y 17 filming

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s New Storybrooke Sheriff Sneezy in Steveston

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Emilie de Ravin, Sean Maguire, Rebecca Mader & Jared Gilmore in Steveston

Description of scene | xSo what this scene is most likely about: Zelena wants a wand because she wants to keep her baby (somehow she got the cuff off) and so she chokes Robin Hood and then Regina gives her the wand she swirls the clover necklace from oz around it and then she points it up something happens she falls then Regina puts on the cuff takes the wand and David holds zelena and basically we all think that zelena called a tornado because David says YOU WANNA HIGHJACK A TWISTER? And that’s how they get to Camelot because they also filmed a scene just blowing giant fans at granny’s and that’s how granny’s ends up in the woods

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Dark Swan (Jennifer Morrison) in Steveston

Blocked scene being filmed at Granny’s involving Dark Swan, Massive wind fans blowing | x, x

Night scene filmed, directly after Emma disappears. Regina says something like “how could she be/do something so stupid” and David says “REGINA!”. Regina then says “there had to have been another way” and Snow says “there wasn’t! she did what she had to do, she saved your life!”. Then Henry comes running into the scene and we couldn’t hear any dialogue, it just seemed like them all explaining to him what happened. Cause Regina says something like “she got sucked up into a vortex by a vortex of evil”. While this is all happening Hook was kinda hanging back, just staring at the dagger, and eventually he walks forward to grab it. Robin tries to stop him but Hook goes “get out of my way!” and slapped his hand away in a few takes. Then he grabs the dagger and tries to summon Emma. “Dark one, with this dagger I command thee. Return!” and nothing happens. “Dark one, APPEAR!” . Then Regina goes “put that thing down (before you get us killed???). don’t you know the dagger’s rules?” and Hook says “the rules are I can summon the dark one from any corner of the world”. After that we can’t hear anything, but Hook looks sadly down at the dagger and kinda twists it around to look at Emma’s name on it

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Colin O’Donoghue, Lana Parrilla, Sean Maguire, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas & Jared Gilmore Last Night in Steveston

Season Premier in two words: TVLine video

Gold filmed scene by the shop? x

Once Upon a Time first look: Find out who’s training the Dark Swan

New still of Merida released by ABC | X

Preview Interviews:

“She is capable of being manipulative, conniving, and vindictive,” Morrison says Nerd Utopia | September 2015 EW

OUAT season 5: Dark Swan spoilers from showrunners Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis | 9/10/2015

Ginny Talks Once Upon A Time| TV Guide Magazine

A&E: OUaT Season 5 Preview: Emma/Hook in Danger, Regina’s Great Challenge, ‘Hannibal’ Zelena and More

‘Once Upon a Time’ Creators Dish 6 Juicy Scoops About Season 5

Once Upon a Time season 5 photos |

TV Guide Returning Favorites Issue, Sept 21-27, 2015

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5 premiere brings love, loss and destiny to the forefront

Once Upon a Time: 11 Things to Know About Season 5 – TV Fanatic

Adam and Eddy said the events of the premiere will make Henry regret snapping the quill. x

“Merida will first cross paths with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) before eventually meeting up with the rest of our heroes and villains. “It’s certainly a part of Emma’s journey as the Dark Swan and dealing with her darkness” Horowitz says.

As the new Dark One, “There’s a real driving force behind what Emma is doing and why,” says co-creator Adam Horowitz. “Emma [before] was a very smart person who did things for a reason, and that translates. It’s not a rampant evil that’s been unleashed.” Even so, “Emma is going to do something particularly bad,” co-creator Eddy Kitsis assures, “and to the people she loves.” All the more reason for those near and dear to get thee to Camelot and find Merlin, posthaste! Though it’s not as if that realm’s denizens are just sitting around, waiting to help out. “You’ll see a bromance between Charming and King Arthur, but others might be more skeptical [of our heroes],” Kitsis says. The people of Camelot, after all, “have a similar goal to ours.” Elsewhere: Belle will team with Brave’s Merida during her quest to revive Rumple, while everyone is advised to be frightened of pregnant Zelena — “and in the premiere, you will see why,” Kitsis teases.

BONUS SPOILER!: “I hope there’s a full moon this year,” Kitsis shares. “You never know who might come out….” | source

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:
July 13 Burnaby Park: Merida | Merida | Rumple | Charming, Hook, Henry | Emma / back | Regina | Snow | Robin
July 14: Camelot set | Granny’s in the woods | Regina, Henry, Roland, Belle | Emma | King Arthur | Cast | Snow & Charming | Outlaw Queen | Captain Swan | Arthur and cast | Emma | VIDEO | Album with HQ pics | Album with HQ pics – 2
July 17: VIDEO: Dwarves in front of Granny’s | Sneezy dressed like Emma | Rehearsal HQ photos | Zelena w/wand & necklace | VIDEO: Regina saves Robin | Zelena scene | VIDEO: Dagger scene | Album with HQ pics | VIDEO: “twister” | Album with HQ pics
Season 5 premiere episode stills

5.02 – “The Price” written by Andrew Chambliss & Dana Horgan | Airdate: October 4, 2015

Choreographer pic with Regina & Percival | x ~ July 20, 2015

Blue Fairy filming – KCT tweets in Gold’s shop set

July 21 filming: Burnaby Pk filming scene Crew 1 – David, Snow, Robin, Regina, Grumpy, Arthur and Guenivere | no scene description except mains dressed in Storybrooke clothing except Camelot cast
Crew 2 – Lana, Colin, Henry, Blue Fairy
Henry filmed in studio today | long filming day | late night
July 22 studio filming: Blue Fairy and Belle

Steveston filming notice July 22, 2015: dialogue scenes – riders on horseback, Steveston Museum, Marine Garage, Pier, Cannery Cafe locations

filming scene 1: Granny’s diner location Happy, Grumpy, and Knights on horseback | fight ensues | knight stole pickaxe

Josh Dallas filmed a scene with Knights x

Jen and Colin filmed a scene alone x pic full pic

Josh Dallas filmed a scene with knights x

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Captain Swan (Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison) Goes Dark

Lana filmed a scene – not sure if alone or with JMo/Colin x

Jen, Lana, and Jared filmed a scene at the docks x | YVRShoots’ photos

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Jennifer Morrison (Dark Swan), Jared Gilmore & Lana Parrilla on the Steveston Docks

Jen filmed a night scene x, possibly with The Apprentice x

Filming in Central Park July 23 Castle set ~ Josh, Ginny, Lana, Sean, Liam, Jen & Colin filmed x

July 23 ~ Night scene filmed with Josh, Ginny, Lana, Sean, Lee & Liam
Scene description: Everyone is running in the woods. Ginny yells: “Charming, this way.” Lana says: “stop! If you need a life, take mine!” Then she gets attacked by like a CGI thing we couldn’t see. Ginny says: “Regina, what are you doing?” Lana says: “what I should have done in Camelot!” Ginny grabs onto Lana’s hand and screams. Then Josh, Lee and Liam come and also hold onto Lana’s hand (literally Guardians of the Galaxy style and they kinda get pushed back). source

OQ Kiss at the end of the scene – possible TLK, x

Something from Greek mythology is what attacks Robin x – the furies?

July 24 ~ filming at Granny’s Hook & flask, pic of table

July 28 ~ Jen and Colin filming at Emma’s house: x

July 28 ~ Filming at Town Line, Leroy’s van & sheriff’s car spotted x

Josh, Ginny, Lana and dwarves (no Sneezy) on set at town line x

Sneezy as Santa? x ~ July 29

Colin fan picture in pirate outfit? x ~ July 29

Heard there was a ball? x ~ July 29

Royal ball confirmed x

Robin gives Regina a necklace x x x

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

July 21 Burnaby Pk: Robin | Arthur
July 22 Steveston: Happy & Grumpy | Arthur | Pier scene VIDEO | VIDEO 2 | Dark Swan night | Dark Swan night shoot: VIDEO | Album with HQ pics
July 23 Central Park: Night scene in Central Park: VIDEO | OQ: TLK?: VIDEO | Pic of Night Scene | Robin on the ground | Night scene another: VIDEO | Album with HQ pics
July 28: Emma’s house/bug, Josh w/fan

5.03 – “Siege Perilous” written by Jane Espenson, directed by Ralph Hemecker | Airdate: October 11, 2015

Shooting Dates: 7/30 – 8/11 x

Joana Metrass (Guinevere) early wake up call x ~ Aug 4

“Squire Camp” set up for shooting August 5: x

August 5: Ginny, Josh on set at camp xDescription of scene; Not much to see here. But what we decided is that Charming is in the midst of making a speech to newly arrived Camelot people under the watchful eye of Arthur. David holds up a silver cup to the crowd and proclaims that this chalice will reveal to him who among them is… [something we couldn’t hear–leaning toward Merlin though] just as he says this, a guy in a red cloak flees from the rear of the crowd, jumping up on a horse and riding away. Charming and Arthur tear after him, jumping in David’s truck to continue the chase. x

“Hooded man” pic

August 10 ~ Rebecca Mader on set x

August 10 – Friar Tuck/Roland tweet x

August 11 – Liam Gallagher (King Arthur) off roading? x

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:August 5 Burnaby park: Camp set | Pics of camp scene | Fan photos w/Josh, Ginny, Liam | VIDEO | Album with HQ pics | Album with HQ pics – 2

5.04 – “The Broken Kingdom” written by David H. Goodman & Jerome Schwartz | Airdate: October 18, 2015

guest-casting the role of a medieval manservant who is devoted to his employer but harbors a deep resentment… that may lead him to do very bad things. x ~ July 27 Update: Sir Kay x Adult, Lee Majdoub imdb

Aug 12th: Merida filming? x, Location pics Minaty Bay x

August 13 – Josh and Colin on set | source | set

Aug. 14 – Burnaby CP set up: huts, mystery tree returns and goats

Central Park filming- Arthur and Lancelot in new costumes. Guinevere filming too

dialogue: “ A gift for King Arthur and his queen Guiniver”.[sic] Then Lancelot and Guinevere dance with guest and Arthur enters the scene shouting “Where is my queen?” Video here

Aug. 15 – OUAT at Dunbar theatre x

trailer for young Emma seen on set? X or on vacation | Abby Ross tweets

Aug. 17th Burnaby – Jen and Colin filming: updated Pirate outfit Hook and Emma in white dress on horseback. Hook x x x x | Emma in costume details | CS kiss x x

Captain Swan Horse Ride into Thatched Village x

Guinevere and Lancelot at location filming : Joana Metrass 1st photo – Sinqua Walls

Camelot flashback: Young Arthur, Young Guinevere, Young Sir Kay sourceYoung Arthur and Guinevere x confirmed | young love photos

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:Burnaby: Guinevere | Hook/Emma on horseback | Video: Lancelot, Guinevere w/guest dance |Hook/Emma horseback riding VIDEO | set pic | filming gallery photos| katmtan filming gallery | fan 8/17 filming photos

5.05 – “Dreamcatcher” written by E. Kitsis & A. Horowitz | Airdate: October 25, 2015

“Ep 505 is a heartbreaker.”: B. Hales

casting the possibly recurring role of Sir Lionel, a distinguished knight who sits at King Arthur’s Round Table and is a single father to his 13-year-old daughter, Violet. X

Steveston filming 8/21: “Welcome to Storybrooke” carnival/fair set up x x | Gunievere and Camelot subjects in Storybrooke x

Colin, Sean, Lana, Emilie, Joana (Guinevere), Ginny on set x | scene 1 x | Josh too | Lana wearing red blazer

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME’s Steveston filming | yvrshoots

King Arthur and Guinevere visits Storybrooke filming pics

Belle holding cloche jar x

Henry and Violet x | filmed scene 2 outside of Granny’s pics | kiss VIDEO | x

scene 3 – Colin, Josh, Ginny, Lana, Sean, Emilie, Liam, Jared and Joana are filming a scene walking around the corner of the shoe shop x x

horses on set x| Henry on a horse x

The first scene during night shoot: Jared, Olivia, Ryan Robbins, Gosh, Colin, Emilie, Liam, and Joana.

The last scene: Gosh, Colin, Emilie, Liam, and Joana x The last scene was them basically sitting in the table at the block party talking to one another. x x | Hook

Filming Summary:

Filming started at 1pm with a scene outside Granny’s. Lana and Ginny and Emile are there and some non-Storybrooke extras come up to them and then Colin and Sean come over and talk to them.

Next a scene between Storybrooke bank and Mr. Gold’s shop….Emile was there and Cruella’s car was parked on the street with “”FOR SALE” on the windshield. Colin and Sean come talk to her

Later scenes in a cool Storybrooke carnival/fair they set up in the street between the Rabbit Hole and the hardware store. Jared practiced riding a horse into the festival and talking to a girl (possibly love interest?) in a blue princess like dress.

Filmed a scene down by Gold’s shop …Merida coming back from that area…that she had been shooting an arrow and blasting the door to Mr. Gold’s open during that scene.

EVENING Filming: Everyone is dancing and then Henry rides in on a horse and talks to the girl in the blue princess dress. Then Colin and Emile run into the scene with it seems like important news or something. a scene in that area with Liam and Gosh and Colin and Emile

Next the Charmings and Hook were at a picnic table talking with Arthur. Henry brings over the princess girl and talks to all of them. on set source

Merida in Storybrooke x x | x takes aim | Pawn shop door opens magically and Merida runs in as though chasing something, holding her bow. X
SHOOT: OUAT’s Princess Merida (Amy Manson) Shoots Arrow At Mr. Gold’s in Steveston

indoor Storybrooke filming on set – Sean, Lana, Ginny and Emilie x x | Merida & Lancelot x

Emma’s House filming: Aug. 25th Notice Of Filming exterior scenes – Regina’s & Emma’s cars x | Hook | Lana & Emilie Sean on location | Dark Emma and Henry x video

SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Films Dark Swan (Jennifer Morrison) & Son Henry (Jared Gilmore) at Swan House in BurnabyScene description X

1st scene: JMo herself (interiors) dunno what was happening

2nd scene: Lana, Sean, Colin, & Emilie – looks like they wanna enter Emma’s house (again we were off to the side, couldn’t see anything)

3rd scene: Jared & JMo (couldnt see the scene)

4th scene: JMo & Jared walking to the bug, they say something, get into the bug and drive off

Castle set (looks like 5×02 set) being constructed x ~ August 26

Regina’s House filming: Aug. 26th Notice of filming interior & exterior scenes ~ August 26: Regina & Emma’s cars outside, 2 interior scenes with Regina, Robin, Henry, exterior scene with Emma knocking on the door, has brief conversation with Regina and then she slams the door x, Dialogue overheardScene Description x:
Emma knocked, they talked, then at some point Emma turned around, took two steps, turned around like she changed her mind about leaving, they talked more and then Regina got into the house and slammed the door. Emma left after a moment.
Regina is holding the dreamcatcher at the door x

August 27 – Night filming at Camelot set constructed in Central Park set pics

Jen, Lana, and Jared spotted in Camelot costumes x, x x

Stunt doubles used in the scene for Lana, Liam, and possible Jared x, x

Scenes filmes with Snow, Charming, Emma, Regina, Henry (probably Arthur and Merlin)x

Rumored that Lancelot and Guinevere filmed x

Josh, Ginny, Jen in Camelot Costume x, x

First scene: Gosh, Lana, and JMo
2nd scene: Lana, JMo, Jared, Liam, and Elliot x
3rd scene: Elliot and Andrew (Percival) source | additional set report

Merlin in Camelot x x x

August 28th filming – Scenes continue from previous evening set source

Lana, Jared, Jen, Elliot, Liam, and Andrew on set

magical flight between Regina and Merlin: Regina conjured up a fireball like she was trying to shield herself from a spell he had cast

in the end Merlin apparently prevailed, because Regina fell to the ground

while Emma was standing and facing Merlin and whoever was with him

Then they moved onto the next bit, which was quieter, BUT we did hear something. A man yelled “You ruined my life!” and I’m 99% sure it was Merlin. Now, the problem is I have no idea who he was telling that to. At first I thought Regina, since it was the two of them fighting, but when he said he was facing Emma, so he might as well have been talking to her.

Merlin, Arthur, Percival, with Regina, Henry and Emma at Camelot castle on set source

Henry look like he was crying or upset. Emma & Regina were comforting him, touching his arm. it looked like they were making some potion… x x x

Sept. 1 – filming Fan Summary:

Jen and Jared filmed with the bug in front of a pumpkin stand that said “Peter Peter’s” (which I thought was hilarious). Amy showed up on set before that scene seemed to be finished, but I’m not sure if they filmed together or not.

Bobby and Amy filmed together that evening

It’s different kind of dreamcatcher — like the one that Mr. Gold invited Emma to use one to “see” Archie’s “death” (in Season 2, Episode 10) — that the new title is meant as a nod to.

“Although dreamcatchers evoke and remind us of Neal, they have been used on the show — magically,” cocreator Eddy Kitsis explained.

Kitsis shared that “Dreamcatcher” as “a very Emma-centric episode,” though it won’t incorporate any flashbacks to her past.

“The construction [of Season 5A] is different as far as flashbacks go,” Horowitz noted. “But we will be getting an Emma flashback in the early part of the season.”

SourceBTS Pics/Videos/Stills:Steveston 8/21: S/C/L fan video | VIDEO – Henry | Fan photo set – Steveston 8/21 filming | Album with HQ pics | filming VIDEO
“Emma’s House” 8/25: Album with HQ pics
Regina’s house 8/26: VIDEO: Emma knocks | VIDEO: Regina slams the door | Album with HQ pics
Central Park (Camelot) 8/27: Henry, Regina, Emma | Henry | Snow, Regina | HQ pics w/ Merlin | add’l set pics

5.06 – “The Bear And The Bow” written by Andrew Chambliss & Tze Chun | Airdate: November 1st

Robert and Amy pumpkin stand set sword fight xx | x

constructing new set spotted in Ladner x x

Sept. 3 – Burnaby Lake -filming on the road ie, Welcome to SB town line scenes x | smoke/fog machines on site x

JMO & Robert filmed – lots of big fans x x x x | maybe not filming ??x

Bobby and Emilie on set x | Rumple’s car x

Colin, Gosh, Lana, Liam, and Joana filmed at vault x

Sept. 4 – hovel: Belle and Merida x x x

Merlin, Merida, Hook, Belle, David, Lancelot x Fan Source: There were three scenes filmed from around noon to midnight. It was a long and very rewarding day.

Regina’s Vault: Hook, Charming, Snow, Regina, Arthur, and Guinevere. Hook, Charming, Snow, and Regina were all wearing their Storybrooke clothes (Hook in his leather jacket, Charming had on his typical style of clothes with his Sheriff badge on, and Snow had a cute blue cardigan on, Regina had on a blue dress and jacket). Arthur and Guinevere had on their Camelot clothes we’ve seen them in quite a bit here lately.
I couldn’t see the scene super well, but I could see that Snow and Charming had some sort of fight in front of the vault, Snow turns and angrily talks to Charming and then he reaches out to console her and she jerks away and moves towards Arthur and Guinevere who are standing in front of the vault.

Belle and Merida filmed down by what appeared to be the witch’s hovel from Brave. We couldn’t see anything. All I know is that they had bows and arrows down there and they took quite a few forest shots, probably for the CGI of the arrows or something. Belle had on a super pretty dress, but we only saw the top and then the bottom at different times. But very pretty.

Forest: Lancelot, Hook, Charming, Belle, Merida, and Merlin. This was literally the most boring scene to watch ever. It was just numerous shots from different angles to make it look like they were walking all over the forest and they were talking here and there. Hook was in that pretty new quilted looking coat, Charming was in his princely clothes, and Belle was in the same dress we saw her in during the afternoon shot with Merida.
Night shoot photos

Sept. 5 – Ginny and Lana on set x | Josh x

Sept. 10 – Minnekhada Regional Pk filming | private property pics x

lakeside filming x | off a barge

Merida on location x | filmed with “family” x | on set with Emilie

Sept. 12 – forest: Dark Swan and Merida x pic

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

5.07 – “Nimue” written by Jane Espenson | Airdate: November 8th

Jane Espenson writer “And it’s a big one.”

filming location | x

filming location | Merlin

JMO, Elliot, and Caroline filming | Sept. 16 & 17th x | Lynn Canyon Pk

Sept. 18th: Filming Merlin and Emma possesing the dagger x

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:9/18: BTS Camelot photos Lynn Canyon Pk | emma/merlin bts

5.08 – “TBA” written by | Airdate: November 15th function loadx(data) { document.write(data.html); }

“mind blowing story development” ~ B. Hales tweet suspected to be 5×08

filming 5.08 & 5.09 together x | x

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

5.09 – “TBA” written by | Airdate: November 22nd

Queen Elinor and King Fergus, Merida’s parents introduced

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

5.10 – “TBA” written by | Airdate: November 29th function loadx(data) { document.write(data.html); }

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

5.11 – “TBA” written by | Airdate: Spring 2016 100th Episode
function loadx(data) { document.write(data.html); }

Eddy says, “well, we don’t know yet.” Adam says, “the greatest epi ever. | D23

BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

function loadx(data) { document.write(data.html); }

Adam Horowitz & Eddy Kitsis interviews

Once Upon a Time: 11 Things to Know About Season 5 – TV Fanatic

TV Guide Returning Favorites Issue, Sept 21-27, 2015

‘Once Upon a Time’ Creators Dish 6 Juicy Scoops About Season 5

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Preview: Emma/Hook in Danger, Regina’s Great Challenge, ‘Hannibal’ Zelena and More

How would you say this Dark Swan is different from what we know of Emma?
HOROWITZ: I would say that Dark Swan is an extension of Emma and an exploration of who she is. Just like when Rumpelstiltskin became the Dark One, it became an extension of all the character traits, flaws, and strengths he had.
KITSIS: He was a coward, and the knife gave him the freedom to be powerful.
HOROWITZ: Emma becoming Dark Swan has been a great opportunity for us to explore who she is at her deepest levels and to see those traits exploded in a way. That’s what the Darkness does to you. It takes who you are and twists it, and that’s what we’re going to see with Emma.
Once Upon a Time season 5: Dark Swan spoilers from showrunners Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis | 9/10/2015

“There’s a real driving force behind what Emma is doing and why,” says co-creator Adam Horowitz. “Emma [before] was a very smart person who did things for a reason, and that translates. It’s not a rampant evil that’s been unleashed.” Even so, “Emma is going to do something particularly bad,” co-creator Eddy Kitsis assures, “and to the people she loves.”…Elsewhere: Belle will team with Brave’s Merida during her quest to revive Rumple, while everyone is advised to be frightened of pregnant Zelena
ONCE UPON A TIME Fall Spoiler | TVLine 9/8/2015

Once Upon a Time bosses reveal details on Merida

‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5: 14 Merida, Camelot and Dark Swan teases | zap2it Aug 15, 2015

Once Upon a Time first look: Find out who’s training the Dark Swan ~ August 11, 2015

Mega Buzz: Once Upon a Time Cordially Invites You to a Royal Ball ~ August 6, 2015

Mega Buzz: Will Merida Be Brave Enough to Help Emma on Once? ~ July 15, 2015

Once Upon a Time bosses tease Dark Swan, Rumple’s fate and more ~ July 11, 2015

The Hot Seat: Once Upon a Time bosses answer your burning questions ~ July 8, 2015

First Look: Emma Goes Dark in Once Upon a Time Promo Poster ~ July 6, 2015

Once Upon a Time first look: The Dark Swan rises! ~ July 3, 2015

‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5: The quest for Merlin begins | 5/11

Your Once Upon a Time Finale Questions, Answered: Scoop on the Crazy Cliffhanger, Hook and Emma and More

‘Once Upon a Time’: Is Rumpelstiltskin out of chances?

‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 4 Finale Top-Secret Scene, End Date Talk | TVLine | 5/06

‘Once Upon a Time’ will reveal how Emma ‘really feels’ about Hook – Zap2it | News & Features

Truth, Beauty & Ramifications of Darkness: The Season 4 Finale Interview with Adam Horowitz & Eddy Kitsis

cast interviews

GG: Ginny Talks Once Upon A Time| TV Guide Magazine

SM:Sean Maguire Breathes New Life Into Robin Hood in ‘Once Upon a Time’*|*Xaque Gruber

LP: Lana Parrilla on the Craziness of Regina Being a Hero on Once Upon a Time Season 5 ~ August 5, 2015

GG/JD: What Snow & Prince Charming Will Be Stressing About in Once Season 5 ~ August 4, 2015

JMO/COD: Once Upon a Time Interview: Brace Yourself For Emma and Hook’s “Difficult” Season ~ July 26, 2015

JMO/RC: Once Upon a Time: Emma is the Dark One, but there’s a catch ~ July 17, 2015

Core: Here’s What’s Next For Once Upon a Time’s Most Beloved Couples

JMO:Emma’s Dark Swan S5 “At the opposite of whatever is light and good about her and looking at the other side of that” | LBA Paris 6/27

JMO: Jennifer Morrison Is Reading Old Fairy Tales to Play ‘Dark Emma’ on OUAT | People 6/17

RC : Robert Carlyle returning for season five

EDR: Smidgen of a S5 hint – family relationships

JMO: Tribeca Interviews – small OUAT bit | GALO 5/23

casting & guest stars

Jamie Chung’s Mulan returns | source | Adam | multi episodes | A & B arcs

Meghan Ory to Return as Ruby in Season 5 | Source

Queen Elinor/King Fergus roles X

Olivia Steele-Falconer as Violet x imdb

Ehren Kassam as Young Sir Kay and Webb Hayes as Young Arthur x

Dalila Bela as Young Guinevere source

Any other characters from the movie (Brave)? Eddy: hope so! We will definitely be seeing other characters from the movie | D23 8/15

Merlin is on his way | Elliot Knight tweets photo shoot

guest-casting the role of a medieval manservant who is devoted to his employer but harbors a deep resentment… that may lead him to do very bad things. x ~ July 27, 2015

Thrilled to welcome @AmyMansonLondon to the #OnceUponATime family as #Merida ~ July 11, 2015

‘Once Upon A Time’ Castings: Camelot Finds Its Merlin & Guinevere (and Percival) ~ July 10, 2015

British actor Liam Garrigan will portray King Arthur ~ July 1, 2015

OUAT: Sinqua Walls returning as Lancelot in season 5 |

Once Upon a Time Casting Rumple’s Mom, Evanna — TVLine 6/17 UPDATE: Casting notice was red herring – casting was for Merida | x ~ July 11, 2015

Michael Socha series status update | TVLine 6/11

OUAT Ups Sean Maguire, Rebecca Mader to Series Regulars | TVLine 6/09

‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Casting Merlin, King Arthur, Guinevere | TVLine 6/09
function loadx(data) { document.write(data.html); }

general season 5 spoilers
5A will have 10 episodes, 5B will have 12 episodes

‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5 premiere brings love, loss and destiny to the forefront

PopSugar Once Upon a Time: An Important Relationship Update on the Main Couples

Will Once Upon a Time explore any storylines for Belle outside of Rumple this season? — Kelley
If you’re wondering whether we’ll see any flashbacks to Belle in her pre-Rumple days, “That might happen,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “I would say that the second half of the season is looking a lot like some of our past will come back to haunt us.”
EW Spoiler Room 9/11/2015

Any new faces coming to Once Upon a Time? —
Yes, and the newbie has a connection to Henry. “We’re going to meet Henry’s very first crush,” says EP Edward Kitsis. Since Kitsis also notes that Camelot is a place of love, I’m guessing his crush will hail from there, but TPTB are keeping tight-lipped. “It’s a character that we’re going to meet and we want it to be a surprise,” adds EP Adam Horowitz. “It’s fun to give Henry something new to play and deal with, and to really explore Henry as a boy who’s growing up and all the joy and pain of adolescence.” | EW 9/04/2015

Can you explain to me the new Once Upon a Time photo of Dark Swan being trained by Rumplestiltskin? How can that be, if he’s in a coma back in Storybrooke? –
Upon being consumed by the Darkness in the May finale, Emma “did not travel time, but she did travel realms,” series co-creator Eddy Kitsis makes clear. “And why Rumple’s there will be immediately explained within the first act of the premiere (airing Sept. 27).”
Is the incredible resemblance between Once Upon a Time’s King Arthur (to be played by Liam Garrigan) and a certain one-handed pirate just happy coincidence? –
With a chuckle, Eddy Kitsis affirms, “It is just a happy coincidence!” | TVLine 8/31/2015

Is there any hope that we will see Once Upon a Time‘s Robin Hood in a new adventure? When I heard Merida was coming (played by Amy Manson), I immediately thought that she would somehow end up related to him. –
“We are going to see his adventure side,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis answered when Matt Mitovich delivered your Q. As for the other ace archer entering the series’ mix, “Robin does not have a connection to Merida,” Kitsis said, “but he will intereact with her.” | TVLine – 8/24/2015

Next time you speak with Once Upon a Time creators Adam and Eddy, can you ask them about Belle’s storyline for Season 5A? Even a small hint would be greatly appreciated.
Your wish has been granted! “We’ve always wondered what would happen if Belle and Merida went on an adventure together…,” EP Adam Horowitz shares. “We hope you do, too, because it’s coming!” P.S. On a related note, everything I heard from the cast at Comic-Con suggested that Amy Manson really “hits the bull’s-eye” as the Brave heroine. Bonus scoop: For Episode 5, Once is casting the possibly recurring role of Sir Lionel, a distinguished knight who sits at King Arthur’s Round Table and is a single father to his 13-year-old daughter, Violet. | TVLine 8/17/2015

What about a potential bromance between Arthur and charming?
Josh: if you look at the evolution of Charming, he was a shepherd and then became a prince and a husband and a father. He wants to know if he can still have these adventures – he has a big heart – he wants to know if he can still have these things as big as his heart. His relationship with Arthur will introspectively reflect that. | D23 Expo 8/15
“Josh, your daughter is going dark.”
Josh: “It’s gonna teach Charming a lot of things and he’s gonna do his best to try to get her back to the light.” | D23 Expo 8/15

There’s going to be some people who are going to go to Camelot who never got to go before. People who should’ve been Snow’s real friends (I think dwarves) unlike Neverland so nows their chance. Gonna be solved in premiere. | D23 8/15

On Emma’s sacrifice: Regina doesn’t like to owe anything to anyone and this is like the first time anyone’s ever done anything like this for her so she feels like she really has to band together with everyone. She hates owing people so that’s gonna be the first half.
In the season 3 premiere Emma was like the coach. She banded them together and now with her gone it’s kinda the same. Everyone has different opinions on how to do things so there’s gonna be some fun moments – some hooked queen and her parents wanna do things differently. It’s gonna be a tense first few epis. | D23 Expo 8/15

In regards to Rumple, he was weak and couldn’t stand up for Bae whilst Emma is brave and awesome. What’s the dark one going to reflect in Emma? The dagger tricks you into having a freedom into losing your fear so she’ll have her own take on being TDO. | D23 Aug 15, 2015 | clarification

What’s going on with Rumple when Once Upon a Time returns? — Marisa
At Comic-Con, Robert Carlyle insisted upon making a very clear distinction about his character: “Rumple’s not in a coma. Gold’s in a coma,” later following up with, “Gold’s got a white heart, Rumple doesn’t. It’s a different thing.” It seemed like a passing comment at the time, but now I have a feeling it’s going to be very important in the new season. | EW Spoiler Room – 8/07

Do you know who possesses the Dark Swan’s dagger on Once Upon a Time? — Rachel
As of this very moment, it’s TBD. “That is a discussion [and] that is absolutely addressed immediately,” Ginnifer Goodwin says, noting that it’s probably not a great idea for the Charmings to be the one to take it. “I don’t know that I would trust us with it,” she adds. However, whoever does end up with the dagger will learn that it’s not so easy to call upon the Dark Swan. “There’s also some caveats in how and when you can control the Dark One through the dagger,” Josh Dallas says. “Somethings can be possible and somethings are impossible.” | Spoiler Room ~ July 31, 2015

JMO:”They do establish with all of the Dark Ones in the past, which they kind of go back through in the beginning of the season this year, that everyone takes the Darkness for a good reason. Rumpel takes it because he wants to be braver for his son. Emma takes it because she’s saving the whole town from being destroyed by the Darkness. Before that, they mention some of the earlier Dark Ones, and their good reasons for choosing the Darkness. I think there’s something really interesting about this idea that people make bad decisions for good reasons sometimes, and how far down you can end up in the rabbit hole for having made a bad decision but for a good reason. That happens in life, so there’s an incredible life lesson that they’re telling with these stories. It’s so easy to justify something when you don’t know the domino effect of how far that can take you in life.” | PopSugar 7/26/2015

How are the Charmings dealing with Emma going dark on Once Upon a Time? — Luis
Not well. “It is definitely going to put a strain on Snow and Charming’s relationship,” Josh Dallas says. “There are things they’re going to go through in finding their way back to Emma.” But it’s not all doom and gloom this season. “You’re going to see Charming have a big bromance with King Arthur and go on some adventures,” he says. “We’re going to see Charming at his most heroic in Camelot.”
Spoiler Room ~ July 24, 2015

‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Wish List — Dark Emma, Rumbelle, Hook and More | TVLine

So wait, Merida is NOT Rumple’s mom on Once Upon a Time? — Trisha
Correct! The producers were hoping to keep the surprise of Merida joining the show intact by throwing fans off with fake casting sides. “The only way to throw the press off and our fans off of this being Merida was to say we’re casting Rumple’s mother,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “It honestly worked because for once, this was not spoiled.” Fear not, EP Adam Horowitz says Rumple’s mother is a character they eventually want to introduce. As for Merida, “We’re going to meet her through Emma,” says Kitsis. Adds Horowitz: “It’s certainly a part of Emma’s journey as the Dark Swan and dealing with her darkness. All that is tied with how we explore the world of Camelot this year.” Spoiler Room ~ July 17, 2015

How much will we see Maleficent and Lily on the new season of Once Upon a Time? — Jaimie
Because the focus is on Emma becoming the Dark One — did you see the awesome shots of the Dark Swan? — the hunt for Lily’s father will take a backseat for at least the first five episodes. “We intend to tell that story at some point this season,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “We set it up for a reason. That is one we are definitely intending to do.” Spoiler Room ~ July 3, 2015

“The breakup of a certain couple will go down as one of the — if not the — most polarizing events of the 2015-16 season.
I’ve learned that a hit series will throw caution to the wind and put a (possibly permanent!) pin in one of TV’s most popular love stories — a game-changing move that threatens to seismically alter the DNA of the series. Oh, and it will also piss off a lot of people, a backlash The Powers That Be are said to be fully prepared for and not necessarily all that fearful of; the aging series could benefit from having its core rocked, many believe.” | TVLine ~Blind Item 6/30/2015

Any scoop on Once Upon a Time? I’m not particular, I’ll take anything! –Allison
I’m hearing that the season opener, not unexpectedly, will pick up right where the finale left off, with Emma having vanished after taunting the disembodied Darkness with the Dark One’s dagger. Where exactly the Savior was transported to, however, thus far remains a closely guarded secret (but hey, that’s what Comic-Con is for, amiright?) Also, it will be sooner rather than later that we meet King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. | TVLine 6/29

When will you be posting #EWHotSeat for Once Upon a Time? — Andy
You’ll have to wait patiently because Hot Seat won’t be coming out until Comic-Con. But I’m feeling generous, so how about a little sneak peek? When I asked the guys whether Zelena’s baby will be born this season, EP Edward Kitsis answered with a definitive…. yes! Poor Regina. That is one messed up family tree. | EW – 6/26/2015

What we know so far about season five | Zap2It

‘Once Upon a Time’: Why Emma becoming a villain is best for the show – Zap2it | News & Features

Lightning Round/Hot Seat Interviews
July 8, 2015
April 30, 2015
March 13, 2015
December 26, 2014
October 31, 2014
August 19, 2014
May 7, 2014
April 3, 2014
February 6, 2014
November 21, 2013
October 2, 2013
August 5, 2013
April 19, 2013
March 13. 2013
February 6, 2013
December 21, 2012
November 22, 2012
October 18, 2012
Sept 19, 2012

on location filming spoilers

Steveston filming

Steveston filming – Friday, August 21st along Moncton Street! Crews setting up August 20th from 7am – 7pm, and filming from 1pm – 3:30am

Steveston filming – July 22, 2015 |Notice of Filming

Emma’s house filming notice

Regina’s house filming notice

Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret
Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan
Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen/Regina
Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David
Emilie de Ravin as Belle
Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook
Jared Gilmore as Henry Mills
Sean Maguire as Robin Hood
Rebecca Mader as Zelena
Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold

general magazines and press coverage

Season 4 DVD release date and summary

2014-15 Full TV Season Ratings: Rankings For All Shows | Deadline

ABC’s Once Upon a Time Renewed for Season 5

ABC Schedules Premiere, Return Dates for Once

ABC Fall Finale Dates Revealed

San Diego Comic Con 2015 – July 9th-12th Once Upon a Time Coming to Comic-Con 2015 Source ABC

Comic-Con 2015: Once Upon a Time introducing Merida in season 5

Once Upon a Time @ Comic-Con: Dark Swan’s Fate, a Brave Newcomer and More Season 5 Scoop

Once Upon a Time: Get Your First Look at the Dark Swan and Brave’s Merida for Season 5

Once Upon a Time at Comic-Con: Going Dark, Welcoming Merida and More

SDCC 2015 OUaT Comic Con Panel Roundup! – Storybrooke Mirror on Tumblr

Once Upon a Time Heartbreak Alert! Find Out Which Couple Is In Jeopardy For Season 5

Jennifer Morrison’s Plan for Keeping Captain Swan Together Made the Entire ‘Once Upon a Time’ Cast Blush!

‘Once Upon a Time’ Cast Laughs About ‘Warped’ Romantic Relationships in Storybrooke!

archive SDCC 2014

Video Comic-Con Interview LinksFull Panel

The Dark Swan TV Promo | Merida | Dark Swan Teaser

Jennifer Morrison tells #Extratv why Emma is “the most terrifying threat Storybrooke has ever seen.”
Entertainment Weekly SDCC interview
TV Equals Press Room Interviews
Whedonopolis: JMo & Colin | Lana | Josh & Ginny | Sean & Bex | Robert & Emilie | A&E
Clevver News: Josh Dallas | Lana, Josh, Emilie, Sean, & Bex
Showbiz Junkies: Jen & Colin | Josh & Ginny | Sean & Bex | A&E | Emilie & Robert | Lana
TV Line Interview | Season Premier in 2 words – Ginny, Lana, Jen, Emilie, Bex, Josh, & Colin
Barbara Barnett: Jen & Colin | Sean & Bex | Emilie & Robert
TV Fanatic: Colin | A&E | Emilie | Lana | Sean & Bex | Robert
Once Upon a Fan: Robert | Emilie | A&E | Jennifer | Sean & Bex
AfterBuzz TV: Sean & Bex | A&E | Emilie | Robert
RHeart Network: Jen & Colin | Josh & Ginny | Sean & Bex | Robert & Emilie
Access Hollywood: Colin Interviews Jen | Jen & Colin
The Once Upon a Time Cast Explains Why Rumplestiltskin and Belle Are Fan Favorites
Buddy TV: Jen & Colin | Adam and Eddy overview | Sean & Bex
IGN: A&E | Sean & Bex | Lana | Emilie | Colin | Robert
fanbolt: A&E | Jen & Colin | Josh & Ginny | Lana | Robert & Emilie
TVOM: Jen & Colin

Disney D23 Expo – Aug. 15, 2015
Panel: full video

crewAdam Horowitz, executive producer and writer | twitter
Andrew Chambliss, writer | twitter
Jane Espenson, writer | twitter
David H. Goodman, writer
Brigitte Hales, writer | twitter
Dana Horgan, writer | twitter
Robert Hull, writer
Paul Karp, writer | twitter | sdcc
Scott Nimerfro, writer | twitter
Daniel T. Thomsen, writer
Bill Wolkoff, writer | twitter

Mark Isham, composer | twitter
Stephen Jackson, production Dir. photography | twitter
Sarah McCulloch, production Leaf Lady | twitter
Jerome Schwartz, production | twitter
Helga Ungurait, production | twitter

Twitter: @OnceABC,
ABC Publicity: twitter
ABC TV: Once Upon A Time

Hashtags: #OnceUponATime #DarkSwan

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function loadx(data) { document.write(data.html); }

“mega awesome, epically sized mid-season finale. So many great payoffs for longtime fans.”

“Writing OUAT?” “Yup! And it’s a big one.”

“Hold on to your has (hearts)!” “Good cries.”

Every ep so far has had a heart wrenching moment.

“Ep 505 is a heartbreaker. Twitter is going to blow up.”

“The room finally cracked a story problem we’ve been chewing on for four straight days.”

“I have read the first three episodes and they are awesome!!”
Adam: “Now comes the REAL work. Rewriting.”

“expected to film July 8th, 2015 to April 1st, 2016”

“Let the magic begin!”

Official Season Two Posters | Show Posters
Official Season Three promotional | Season Three Posters
Official Season Four Posters and Promotional Material

Season 5 Promotional Materials

Evil isn’t born, it’s made
The Dark Swan Shall Rise
I will not lose my daughter, my hope … to darkness. ~Snow White
Dark Swan poster
Merida x
Character posters: Snow and Charming | Emma | Hook | The Evil Queen | Rumple and Belle | Henry

future thread titles

“I will not lose my daughter, my hope…to darkness.” ~ Snow White
“Camelot is a place of love” – Eddy Kitsis
“Exactly what I need, the tear of someone who faed their inner darkness and turned away.” ~ Rumplestiltskin
“I thought you said you could outrun a storm. This isn’t a storm. It’s bloody damnation!”
“Love is a weapon. As dangerous and persuasive as magic.” Hook to Belle x

“No one’s ever done anything like this to me before. No one’s ever been willing to die for me. – Snow White”
Emma: “There’s nothing wrong with being cautious.” Mary Margaret: “It may keep out pain, but it also may keep out love.”
“Never underestimate the power of a guilty conscience.” — Rumplestiltskin to Snow White and Prince Charming

I see it, but I don’t believe it… Actually, the fact that you can see it tells me that you do believe.
The cardinal rule of The Authors is don’t write your own happy ending. As you can see I broke that rule
“What magic are you going to hide behind today?” ~ Hook
“No need to yell, Snow. I will always find you.”
Hook: “How do you know how to sail a ship?” Henry: “I had a great teacher. You.”
“I couldn’t let you die.” ~ Regina
“Thanks to the Hero Regina’s sacrifice, Isaac’s villainous work was undone.” ~ Henry, The Author

“That’s what villains do, they make themselves happy at the expense of others, but it just makes them more unhappy.” ~ Snow White
It is tempting is it not, the power of the quill?” ~ The Apprentice
“Not eve an Author can bring back the dead, no matter how much he may wish it.” ~ The Apprentice
“The truth is what you must write. I hope you can resist the temptation of the quill.” ~ The Apprent