We are doing fullcolour master studies every day/weekend on our journey to get betterat art. Join us and continue to Level Up!

Here is today’s imagefor the day – Raimundo de Madrazo y Garreta – Model Making Mischief

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Begin the master study from the image above. Studies are to be in full colour. Be faithful to the master study. Do not use the colour picker. Do not trace. This is an exercise that over time will pump up your skills very quickly.

Make your study and the master work the same size. This makes it easier for you and others to critique. Do not make it hard for yourself

Upload your finished study directly in a reply to today’s thread. Every day or weekend will have it’s own thread with the image of the day.

Time limit – 1 Hour minimum at least. This is the minimum to get the full benefit, but you’re welcome to put a lot more time into it. The longer you can spend on it, the better you will get.

Try to see how the artist worked and bring this into your study. Match the colour and the shapes in broad strokes, leave details out unless you have the time later. Go from the largest shapes of colour first. Fingernails and eyelashes should be ignored to the end.

Work on a small format, this stops you making those details and enables you to capture the essence. You can make it bigger later.

Please post your imageside by side with the original, either next to each other or on topof each other. This makes it easier for people to see and critique.

You may not wish to doa study everyday, but work on one over several days. This can makeyou push yourself harder.

Critique from yourselfand others is always welcomed here, as we are here to improve.Comment on what you think you’ve learnt from doing the study, whereit failed, worked and what you will take forward to the next one.

Please try to researchthe artist, their paintings & techniques as learning art historyis equally important.

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