COW #356: Divine Beautific Chimera – WIPs Thread

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COW #356: Divine Beautific Chimera

Whether from the skies above or heaven itself, this amalgamation of beautiful creatures exudes a high amount of beauty. Most are aware of what a Chimera is, typically depicted as a mashup of a lion, goat, bat, and scorpion, but this Chimera isn’t some monstrocity of the Greek mythos it’s body is composed of various beautiful creatures making it a sight to behold. To those worthy of ot presence it seems angelic or even god-like.

Round Requirements:
-It is a chimera, being a mixture of several animals
-This mixture must compliment each other to the point of pure beauty
-It’s divinty must be exemplified within the image; descends from the heavens, a godly-aura, etc

Saturday August 29, 11:59:59 PM EST (GMT -4)

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