Hi, I’m Alex, I’m 22 years old and finally about to seriously pursue art in college– my first semester of community college is coming up! I’ve been accepted in the past by a few art schools but due to tuition costs (and being self-supporting), I was unable to attend any of them. I’ve worked as a veterinary technician, studied for EMT certification, and been an apprentice for a taxidermist… currently I am a dog grooming assistant. Nothing quite stuck the way art has, though taxidermy has stuck with me as valuable anatomy/physiology/medical illustration and practice.

I’m hoping to use my time in CC to take my core classes and build an awesome portfolio so that I can get some serious $cholarships. My goal school is SCAD, & my longer goal is to be a game designer/developer… if you see anything I could work on, I’d LOVE to hear from you… Spring 2017 is the goal to finish a portfolio that will net me, a self-supporting student, mad dollars.

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(This is a Three-horned rhino beetle, Chalcosoma moellenkampi​)

( BTW: Please let me know if I’ve royally ####ed this in formatting or otherwise; this is my first time on the forums beyond a guest visit! Criticism of my CA.org skills is just as welcome as crit on the art.)

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