Hi all!

I’m finally getting around to building a sketchbook. I’ve worked on a few pieces recently with everything I’ve learned from my studies in Level Up so far. Any critique is much appreciated!

This fun piece below was my entry for the Hero’s of the Storm fan art competition. I also made a process sheet for any interested in picking it apart. I would especially be grateful for critique or tips to help me improve my speed! This one took a lot out of me after 30+ hours x_X (Can’t say it wasn’t a blast though ^_^)

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Another freelance illustration. This one was a promotional poster design featuring a war-hammer-esque elite space marine gilded with badges and special decals to differentiate from the standard grunt space marine(2 images below)

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This one was a freelance piece where I tried to cross magical themes and design with elements from the popular rap song “Make it Rain”.

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