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Naomi Clark/AnnaLynne McCord
Appreciation Thread

Beautiful, feisty and fierce, Naomi Clark is a force to be reckoned with. Funny, blunt and straight to the point,
she brings intimidation to a whole new level. Loyal to those she believes in and lethal to those who betray her,
nobody could ever forget an encounter with the reigning Queen of West Bev.

It’s all about control.

Take a closer look inside her life and you find more depth then the perceived mean girl title
will allow and a lot more vulnerabilty then she herself, would be likely to admit to. Having
her world torn apart in the past year and a half with the divorce of her parents, departure of
her mother and arrival of her sister, Naomi likes to pretend that her parents ultimate dismissal
of her doesn’t hurt. She’s always been about control. While she realises that she can’t control
those around her, she prefers to control her reactions to situations. She can’t control her parents
actions so she ignores them, pretends they don’t exist. She can’t control her sister either but she
can play dumb and pretend nothing is wrong. As we all know though, Naomi is not dumb.
Naive yes, vulnerable, yes but dumb, no. She’s known more hurt then most teenage girls her age
but she chooses optimism instead of negativity. She doesn’t let the haters get her down after all
it’s better to be talked about then ignored. Naomi is a fighter, she’s one of a kind and not easily forgotten.

“naomi is the queen of manipulation. She knows how to dupe her way, charm her way,
and pout her way into anything. But every bitch has a little girl inside
that didn’t get what they needed from somewhere.”

Because she’s fierce.
Because she rules West Bev.
Because she’s an optimist.
Because she never backs down.
Because she’s no cheating cheating skank.
Because she’s loyal to those she cares about
Because she goes after what she wants
Because she has a good heart
Because we love the quips she comes up with
Because she’s got spunk & she’s feisty
Naomi just wants to be loved for who she is

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