Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim
~Enhanced Edition 2015~
Preview: GOG / Steam / Trailer / Comparison (Normal / HQ / HQ+Bloom)

• Version: GOG incl Update 3 • Release: Ys.VI.The.Ark.of.Napishtim.Enhanced.Edition.2015.M ULTi2-m3Zz
• Language: English & Chinese • Format: 7z-Archive (7-Zip v9.38)

Extract the “Ys VI The Ark of Napishtim” folder to wherever you like and start the game with “ys6_win.exe” or “ys6_win_dx9.exe” (for ENBSeries).
Use “config.exe” or “config_dx9.exe” to set your graphics, sound & input settings. Saves and settings are stored into “%gamedir%\user\%username%”.

Updated English files “data_us.na”, “data_us.ni” and “data_us.nu” from “Update.3-ALI213” (2015-05-15) are included.
The “release” folder should be compatible between versions.

Change language:

The game is pre-installed in English. For Chinese use the following patch:

– YsVILang_CHiNESE-m3Zz.exe
– YsVILang_ENGLiSH-m3Zz.exe (rollback to English)

Note on Chinese:
It’s from “CHS.Green.Edition-ALI213” (by 3DM) and might need a corresponding system locale.
The “config.exe” and “config_dx9.exe” are replaced with GOG’s files. Although it’s the Green
Edition, these files were from Steam and came with a crack. All other files were from GOG.


– Large Access Aware Fix: “ys6_win.exe” & “ys6_win_dx9.exe” can now handle addresses larger than 2GB.

– HQ music from the OST: The same tracks, but cleaner and longer than the original provided game
music (in 224 Kbps). All tracks, except Ys6_26-29.ogg, because of some individual sound effects.

– HQ-Mod v1.2a (ENBSeries) for Ys VI – (use “ys6_win_dx9.exe”)

SHIFT + F1 = Show FPS and more infos by pressing multiple times
SHIFT + F9 = HQ-Mod Toggle (is active by default)
SHIFT + F10 = Bloom-Effect Toggle (with active HQ-Mod only)
PRINT = Screenshot (saved as PNG into “%gamedir%\screenshot”)

Bonus content:

Exclusive Guides (“Ys VI Guides” folder):
– Complete Walkthrough (PC, English, HTML & MHT) *exclusive*
– Official Site Guide (PC, Japanese, PDF) *exclusive*
– Official Strategy Guide (PS2, English, PDF)
– Tabulas (PC, English, PDF) *exclusive*
– Manual (PC, Japanese, PDF)
– Manual (PS2, English, PDF)
– Manual (PSP, English, PDF)

Some are completely new and fully ripped/created.

Official Material Collection (“Ys VI Material Collection” folder):
– 3 new official wallpapers *exclusive*
– a collection of 55 new artworks (“CUSTOM_ART” folder) *exclusive*
– all filenames are untouched and of all the image sizes, only the “_L” (large) version is left
– all useless BMPs of BMP+PSD folders got deleted
– all BMPs were converted to PNGs (BMP only folders) or PSDs (BMP+PSD folders) [all *.TXT files are untouched]

A MUCH smaller (from 2,35 GB to 977 MB), LOSSLESS cleaned, package. GOG and Steam version materials were equal.

All Official & Unofficial Soundtracks (“Ys VI Soundtracks” folder):
– Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim – Original Sound Track
– Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim – Special Sound CD
– Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim – Alma’s Trials & Sealed Caverns OST
– Ys VI: The Songs of Zemeth – Instrumental Only
– Ys VI: The Songs of Zemeth – Ys VI Vocal Version

As exclusive lossless FLAC with CUE and Covers.

There’s no need for any crack.

Useless install and gog.com files.

Download: Linkcrypt.ws // TextX
(18x 200 MB @ Zippyshare, 180upload, UpToBox, Uploaded & ShareOnline)