Micckie Dudaaney’s entry in the Colors popular show, Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms) will add a twist in the tale!!

Micckie will play the role of Suraj, the ex-flame of the damsel in distress, Kajal essayed by Priyanka Bhera.

As we know, Kajal has had dirty intentions in marrying Neil (Sumit Bhardwaj), and she actually has bigger plans set against the Sareen family.

Now, problem for the Sareen family will increase with the entry of Kajal’s ex-lover.

As per a reliable source, “Suraj will be a typical Haryanvi jhat who can swear and abuse with a strong accent. He will have a grey shade to portray, and will return to Kajal’s life with an intention of blackmailing her and amassing a lot of wealth from her.”

When contacted, Micckie confirmed that he has started shoot for the show.

Micckie was last seen in Sony PAL’s Singhasan Battisi as the super villain, Bhadrakaal.

We hear that Micckie will have a strong cameo role in the track to come, which will go on for more than a month or so.

Will the Sareen family sense danger coming into their abode in the form of Kajal’s ex-lover?

Watch the interesting twists in the story line…