Mac OS X Yosemite (Unibeast) 10.10 Build 14A389 [2014]

Mac OS X Yosemite (Unibeast) 10.10 Build 14A389 | 5.39 GB
Over the years, OS X has undergone many changes.
But her defining quality – the power, simplicity and elegance – remained unchanged.


Creating OS X Yosemite, we tried to make the system more powerful and easier to use, while maintaining its basic elements.
This is an important step in the evolution of OS X. Not only in terms of the updated design, but also in regard to the expansion of your ability.
The hard work on updating the OS X is thinking through all the interface elements to the smallest detail.

Some differences are immediately visible, such as translucent windows and improved toolbar.
But there are lots of small changes, such as buttons, icons and system font.
And the more you use your Mac, the more comfortable you notice the details. And, of course, the more you like them.
Translucency of some elements of the interface OS X Yosemite allows you to better concentrate on what you do.
Translucent panel scroll indicate that not all of the content will fit on the screen.

A translucent side panel will provide an opportunity to see the inactive window.
The interface of your Mac becomes completely individual depending on what windows you have open and what the wallpaper on your desktop.
Updating OS X, Apple Inc. set itself the task is not only to improve the interface, but also make the system more functional.
Able to realize in her powerful and intuitive features that will always be on hand.

And now you can quickly get important information for themselves, without detracting from the current del.Dannaya mounting the flash drive was created in the program UniBeast 5.0.1 from the downloaded image from the App Store OS X 10.10
Extras. information:

Mount the image Unibeast.iso
Install R-Drive (in the distribution).
Expand image usb.arc to stick (at least 8GB. Please format the USB flash drive to)
Specified during installation to divide became active.
Reboot loaded with flash. Make installation Mac OS X.
Upon completion of reboot again with the stick, but in the boot menu, select the section with a freshly installed Mac.
After a successful boot – loader and install the necessary kekstov.

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