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Tyler L o c k w o o d

So what’s fun about it is the evolution of all these people. Going from, say, Tyler Lockwood, who was just kind of a one-note bully to now having a very, very rich experience and a rich love story. That’s actually a really good example, talking about adaptation. That was a character we knew was going to be a werewolf, because he was a werewolf in the books. And yet we knew we didn’t even want to go there at all until much later. So everything we did for him was plant the seeds for “this is a kid with anger issues,” “this is a kid who’s kind of a bully,” “this is a kid who’s father bully’s him a little bit,” and yet all we could do was hint at his supernatural history. And then the instant we were able to unleash that in the second season, suddenly he made more sense looking back. And, moving forward, we were able to really create a multilayered character.
– Julie Plec


Praise for Michael T r e v i n o

1. Our hearts went out to Tyler Lockwood when he underwent his first ever transformation to full wolf. His grief and pain were so tangible that we’re thinking Michael Trevino should win some sort of award for this performance. Seriously. Yowza. -wetpaint (x)

2. He’s so great. I said the last time I was here, I don’t have a son. I have two daughters in real life, so the whole son relationship is different for me. And then you have this absolutely gorgeous human being who is your son. It’s so funny, because I’ll be with him off camera, or I’ll see him in the hallway and I’m like, ‘My God, that Michael Trevino is such a good looking young man,’ those feelings ya know? And as soon as we start though, he’s such a good actor and we immediately go there to that mother-son thing. It’s so effortless. I love it. He so great to work with.
– Susan Walters on Michael Trevino(x)

3. It was a very beautiful, painfully beautiful day at work. You’d walk on set and the tone was set. Everyone was there to work. It was very serious. Everything that he was doing was so beautiful, creatively, that it was a very intense two days. They put him through the ringer. He went for it, he went there, and I think it’s going to make for a great, shining moment for Trevino. I think it’s a great episode for him.
– Candice Accola on Michael Trevino(x)

4. Huge props to Michael Trevino for nailing every mannerism of Klaus. -cliqueclack (x)

5. Michael Trevino is a terrific actor. He’s very skilled. He’s very talented. He’s very well trained and he is capable of almost anything.
– Kevin Williams on Michael Trevino

6. Tyler (Michael Trevino) is even hotter/more amazing as Klaus. We wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but somehow Trevino made Tyler even hotter as he embodied original vamp, Klaus. He brought his “A” game in these scenes. His mannerisms and facial expressions were absolute perfection and it was nice to see him act in such a dark and dramatic turn. Whether he was playing Klaus or Tyler, we were uber impressed with his performance. – celebuzz

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Future titles

1. Huge props to Michael Trevino for nailing every mannerism of Klaus. -cliqueclack (x)
2. Because we don’t want Tyler to ever leave again
3. Because Tyler can finally be free
4. Because Tyler is nobody’s bitch anymore

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