HTRI.Xchanger.Suite.v6.0 SP3 :FEBRUARY/11/2015

HTRI.Xchanger.Suite.v6.0 SP3 | 345 MB

HTRI Xchanger Suite?®, from the global leader in process heat transfer and heat exchanger technology, includes components for heat transfer and associated calculations of heat exchangers and fired heaters. HTRI’s calculation methods are backed by 50 years of extensive research and data collected on industrially relevant heat transfer equipment. Based on the results of this ongoing effort, we update our methods to meet your evolving engineering needs.

Calculation modules are fully incremental and calculate localized heat transfer and pressure drop using local fluid properties.
Color coded text allows you to distinguish between user input, default values, and program-calculated input.
Suite includes VMGThermo™, an extensive and rigorous fluid physical property generator.
Extensive output reports provide detailed results including local profiles of all important parameters.
Comprehensive online help provides background information, graphs, explanation of input panels and output reports, user tips, and more.
Graphs and scale drawings provide in-depth visualization of calculated results.
Extensive, user-extendable databank for materials of construction.
Quick Calc tools let you easily perform unit conversions and select exchanger types.
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