Eternity - Single, Sunshine


Formed: Czech Republic

Genre: Alternative

Years Active: ’90s, ’00s

Sunshine are a quartet of surname-less post-punkers from the 15th hundred Czech Republic town of Tabor; Kay (pronounced K-~lethole) is their decidedly un-spunky guide. Everything about Sunshine, in fact, suggests that their members allowed irony to play a starring role when they selected their name upon forming in 1994. Through three U.S. releases — 2003’s well-admitted Necromance, 2004’s Electric! Kill! Kill! EP, and 2005’s Moonshower and Razorblades — in addition buzzed-over imports such as 2000’s…

Track desire

Shut ‘Em Down
Eternity – Single
Electric! Kill! Kill! – EP
Power Kidz Fun & Fit
Moonshower and Razorblades
Shut ‘Em Down
Rockers Vibration
Spike Lee’s Home Invaders