Welcome to the fourth Caesar Flickerman/Stanley Tucci thread

“The Hunger Games is the most public, prestigious
event of the year in Panem. Cleanliness, dress
and comportment offer an opportunity to affirm
District pride and Capitol loyalty.”

– Caesar Flickerman

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“Oh, he’s so creepy – the duplicitousness, the sort of false generosity.
He’s an amalgam of a bunch of different talk show hosts that are out there, past and present. The skin is
supposed to be blue in the book, but that was way too much. It would just throw things off.”

– Stanley Tucci

“Wait till you see Stanley Tucci do Caesar Flickerman.

– Gary Ross

“Blue hair and… yeah, it’s very bizarre. I was in England doing a movie, so we had different wigs made
there. And I had some noses made—which we ended up not using—and teeth, and a whole bunch of other things. And when
I got to North Carolina, we played around for about seven hours.”