The Best Drawing and Anatomy Books for Artists

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Art Of Drawing The Human Body
Betty Edwards – The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Bridgman’s Complete Guide To Drawing From Life
Famous Artists Course
Gary Faigin – The Artist’s Complete Guide To Facial Expression
Giovanni Civardi – Drawing Portraits Faces And Figures
Jack Hamm – Drawing the Head & Figure
Kimon Nicolaides – The Natural Way To Draw <— terrible book
Michael D. Mattesi – Force. The Key to Capturing Life Through Drawing
Ron Tiner – Figure Drawing Without A Model
Vilppu – Drawing Manual
Vilppu – Figure Drawing
Wendon Blake – Portrait Drawing A Step-by-step Art Instruction Book

Eliot Goldfinger – Human Anatomy for Artists
Fr̩d̩ric Delavier РKrachttraining
George B. Bridgman – Constructive Anatomy
George B. Bridgman – The Human Machine
Gottfried Bammes – Der Nackte Mensch
Gottfried Bammes – Wir Zeichnen Den Menschen
Sarah Simblet – Anatomy for the Artist

Atlas Animal Anatomy For Artists
Ken Hultgren – The Art Of Animal Drawing
Vilppu – The Vilppu Drawing Manual – Drawing Animals

Animation and Cartooning
Famous Artists Cartoon Course
Jack Hamm – Cartooning the Head & Figure
Preston Blair – Advanced Animation
Preston Blair – Cartoon Animation
Richard Williams – The Animator’s Survival Kit
Stan Lee – How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

J.D Harding – On Drawing Trees and Nature
Jack Hamm – Drawing Scenery Seascapes And Landscapes
Stanley Maltzman – Drawing Nature

Gwen White – Perspective
Joseph D’Amelio – Perspective Drawing Handbook
Norling – Perspective Made Easy

Sequential Arts
Scott McCloud – Making Comics
Scott McCloud – Understanding Comics
Will Eisner – Theory of Comics & Sequential Art

Books by Burne Hogarth
Drawing Dynamic Hands
Drawing the Human head
Dynamic Anatomy (Revised and Expanded)
Dynamic Figure Drawing
Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery

Books by Andrew Loomis
Fun with a Pencil
Successful Drawing
Drawing the Head and Hands
Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth
Creative Illustration
The Eye of the Painter
and much more