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911 Books Collection l 167.53 MiB


-Michael C. Ruppert – Crossing the Rubicon (2004)
-Susan Lindauer Extreme Prejudice
-Alex Jones – 911 – Decent into Tyranny
-David Kay – 911 The Big Lie 2005
-David Ray Griffin – The New Pearl Harbor
-Dr. Steven E. Jones Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse
-George Bush – the unauthorized biography
-James Petras – The Power of Israel in the United States (2006)
-JFK and the Unspeakable ( extra reading )
-Oliver Stone -The Untold History of the United States
-Operation Northwoods
-Peter Dale Scott- Drugs Oil and War
-Rodney Stich – Blowback 911 And Cover-Ups (2005)
-Stephen J. Sniegoski – The Transparent Cabal
-Webster Tarpley – 911 Synthetic Terror (2004)
-9-11 fairy tale
-911 writings of a finish military expert

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