A high voltage drama to be seen in the upcoming episode of Hum Hain Na.

DJ’s Creative Unit’s Hum Hain Na on Sony TV has been loved by the masses for the kind of chemistry seen between Bunty (Kanwar Dhillon) and Sagarika (Pratyusha Banerjee). Besides this the makers of the show always come up with new twist in the tale.

Here we are back again with another twist in the tale.

In the last few episodes audience have witnessed that Bunty is disappointed and stuck between his mother and wife. He feels even more sad when he hears that Sagarika had lied of being pregnant and so he comes back to home in a drunken state. Meanwhile, the audience also witnessed Ammaji’s (Shubhangi Gokhale) birthday celebration.

Our source says, “Sagarika comes to know that Satya is behind plotting and creating a wrong image of her in front of the family. A fight will take place between them which will make Satya(Vinny Arora) to leave the house. Later Ammaji comes to know the reason behind Satya’s exit from the house.”

Will Ammaji and Sagarika be able to sort out their differences?

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