Synopsys Verdi3 I-2014.03 SP3 18.12.2014

Synopsys Verdi3 I-2014.03 SP3 | 7.3 Gb

Synopsys Inc., a global leader providing software IP and services used to accelerate innovation in chips and electronic systems, presents Verdi3 I-2014.03 SP3 – is an advanced open platform for debugging digital designs with powerful technology that helps you comprehend complex and unfamiliar design behavior, automate difficult and tedious debug processes and unify diverse and complicated design environments

Verdi3 provides teams with a unified debugging solution for use across the entire heterogeneous verification environment. It supports a broad range of methodologies and languages used to design and verify complex SoCs. Its open architecture enables teams to use a single display format, sophisticated feature set, and unified waveform database whether they are using simulation engines from the same EDA supplier or different vendors.

Verdi3???s open architecture is the key to providing a more productive debug environment, which enables verification teams to literally cut their debug times in half. According to a Synopsys customer survey, verification teams reported a 50% reduction in debug time as a result of deploying Verdi3. Building Verdi3 on an open architecture allows verification teams to customize and personalize the environment to suit their verification processes and maximize productivity.

By providing an automated environment that integrates tools and flows within a flexible, efficient architecture, Verdi3 enables verification teams to understand and debug their designs faster and more effectively.

Verdi3 incorporates several key features that help to enable efficient debugging within heterogeneous simulation environments.

– Efficient Waveform Compression and Analysis
The Fast Signal Database (FSDB) is fundamental to the open nature of Verdi3. It works on all leading simulators, emulators, and many other verification tools. It is completely open to all EDA vendors, as well as customers, for both reading and writing. The FSDB offers superior waveform compression compared to many waveform databases, and it works independently of the simulator engine version. It enables verification engineers to load multiple waveforms so that they can compare them easily.
– Open Interoperability
Verdi Interoperable Apps (VIA) enable verification teams to easily customize their debug solutions to maximize productivity. VIA supports simple access to the design database through the use of scripts or C/C++ programs, which allows verification teams to automate features that are specific to their verification process or application. For example, engineers can easily perform design pattern filtering on the design database or sweep the FSDB to search for a particular waveform to perform accurate power estimation. Engineers can launch VIA-enabled third-party tools from the debug environment and access a rich array of VIA programs to tailor Verdi3 deployment for user flows.
Application programming interfaces (APIs) provide open access to both databases and command-and-control mechanisms, enabling verification teams to easily integrate the Verdi3 system with other verification tools and design environments.
– Opening Up Design Knowledge
The Verdi3 system is built on the open Design Knowledge Architecture. It consists of compilers that extract relevant information into databases, which are optimized for efficient debug. The Design Knowledge Architecture includes knowledge engine compilers that extract design knowledge contained in HDL code, testbenches and assertions. The knowledge database (KDB) stores design knowledge to facilitate debug and design understanding.
Behavior-based debugging provides the intelligence behind the debug capabilities of Verdi3. By combining knowledge of the design structure from the compiled databases with the simulation waveform results (FSDB), Verdi3 saves design teams hours of time by automating behavior tracing.
The Verdi3 debug environment will even work on incomplete designs; they are highly fault tolerant. The benefit for design engineers is that they can load the design into Verdi3 in order to begin to understand the structure of the design before it is complete. This enables engineers to more easily get up to speed with new, unfamiliar IP, for example.
– Core Features
As well as the advanced debugging capabilities described above, the Verdi3 system supports all of the debug features that verification teams expect from a capable debug environment. There is a full-featured waveform viewer, waveform comparison engine, source code browser that enables engineers to easily traverse between source code and hierarchy, flexible schematics and block diagrams that display logic and connectivity using familiar symbols (Figure 3), and intuitive bubble diagrams that help reveal the operation of finite state machines.
– Third-Generation Open Architecture Debug
Verdi3 is designed with the sole purpose of improving debug productivity for design and verification teams. This release of the automated debug platform improves on previous versions by providing a faster, smaller and more efficient infrastructure. The multi-threaded database improves performance by more than 45%, file sizes shrink by more than 30% thanks to the new compact database format, and the ability to dump simulations in parallel boosts productivity by another 30%.
Alongside these efficiency improvements, Verdi3 introduces more flexibility for verification engineers to personalize their user interfaces to suit their particular debug needs. In addition, VIA integration provides a rich set of programs to tailor the debug environment to the needs of the team???s flow.
The successful deployment of Verdi3 is attributable to its open architecture. Design and verification teams are able to accelerate their innovative designs since they are able to cut their debug times in half ??? or more ??? after adopting Verdi3, even when using heterogeneous verification environments.

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